6 Volt 5 Watt solar charge controller

Steve made this 6 volt 5 watt solar charge controller project, that is available at Github: Here is a 6 volt 5 watt solar charge controller project using a dedicated printed circuit board from dirtypcbs.com and an Arduino pro-mini. The board uses sot-23 low RDSon P channel mosfets (Si2369). It has voltage and current sensing, and 3 […]

A signal amplifier module for HF

Marcus Jenkins blogged about his radio frequency amplifier project he made using DirtyBoard PCB’s In building QRP HF radios, having an RF signal level amplifier building block is handy. You want 50 Ohm output impedance, some reasonable gain, supply voltage of the usual 10-14V and ease of building using standard parts from your parts bin. Some […]

Arduino time lapse – camera pan device

An Arduino camera pan device project from Bajdi Electronics: I own one of these small action cameras (SJcam SJ4000). I bought it because it’s small, and easy to take with you wherever you go. To make nice stable videos I mount it on a mini tripod. This got me thinking that it would be fun to have […]

Low noise amplifier – 100MHz to 300MHz

In this video Hpux735 demonstrates his Sky67015 LNA breakout board: A Low noise amplifier (or LNA) is a special amplifier that is designed to be the first amplifier in a receiver. It is vital that the first amplifier of a receiver has low noise, because the noise of the whole system is dominated by the first […]

DirtyPCB BeagleQ

HouseOfBeck shared his DirtyPCB BeagleQ in the project log forum: The BeagleQ is a wifi enabled wireless intelligent bbq smoker controller based on the BeagleBone Black controller. This device is designed to control a fan connected to the smoker’s input vent/damper. Using a temperature probe placed in the pit the controller can read the pit temperature and […]

ESP8266 WiFi LED dimmer Part 8 of X: Version 2 of the PCB design

Quindor blogged about his ESP8266 WiFi LED dimmer project with DirtyPCBs: With the help of kind internet folks I was able to get a fritzing part for the new voltage converter I wanted to use to try and make a smaller board. A few weeks ago I sent my new ‘panalized’ design to dirtypcb’s and I got […]

DirtyPCB’s based project: TDR pulse generator for testing coax

Marcus Jenkins blogged about his TDR pulse generator build: I saw an excellent YouTube video from Alan W2AEW and thought I’d have a go at making a prettier version of the tool myself. After all, checking 50 Ohm coax cables is a pretty common need for an amateur radio enthusiast. Alan’s video says it all, but here’s […]

DipTrace export settings for Dirty PCB

As a follow up to the PCB layout design with DipTrace post, KF5OBS blogged about on  how to set-up DipTrace to export a PCB layout correctly for Dirty PCB: Dirty PCB offers – as the name implies – dirt cheap PCB manufacturing. The trick is a very low profile and a straight-forward system that needs minimum […]

DirtyPCBs: HDC1000 temperature and humidity sensor breakout, with Arduino library

Francesco Truzzi published a new build: a breakout board for the TI HDC1000, a tiny (8BGA) temperature and humidity sensor The boards were again fulfilled by DirtyPCBs, perfect for this kind of small projects. So here are the pictures of my board and here are the features: Address selection jumpers: ADR0 and ADR1 are tied to […]

DirtyPCBs: C64FC 16K edition ready

Stian Søreng writes: A stack of release candidate 3 boards of the C64FC are on my desk, and a few changes have been made since RC2. We’re talking 16K support, software switches to select 8K/16K cartridge, cart disable support, bugs fixed and patched. I also want to give a good shoutout to DirtyPCBs for their […]

DirtyPCB LSF0204 breakout board – a bidirectional, multi-voltage level converter

Francesco’s LSF0204 breakout board,  a 4-bit, bidirectional, multi-voltage level converter: I needed a small, fast and reliable multi-voltage level translator (mainly for connecting ESP8266 boards to the Arduino, got tired of resistor networks pretty quickly) so I built a breakout board for TI’s LSF0204(D). Datasheet and info here. The LSF0204 is a nice little chip. […]

DirtyPCB Pico-Kubik quadruped robot 

Pico-Kubik, the tinniest quadruped robot with Micropython on board by Radomir Dopieralski: This is the fourth quadruped that I’m building, after Kubik, µKubik, and Nano-Kubik. This one literally fits in the palm of your hand (you can see it next to a LEGO brick on the photo). It’s going to run on Micropython on a VoCore […]

Free PCB the other way around

Last week Sjaak got a free PCB and a small SMD antenna from a user called Claude on the esp8266.com forum . Claude made the board using Dirtypcbs.com. As Sjaak is a huge fan of QFN chips he went straight to his mancave and started to assemble the board. Close-up of the soldered QFN chip under a USB microscope. There were […]