DirtyPCBs: HDC1000 temperature and humidity sensor breakout, with Arduino library


Francesco Truzzi published a new build: a breakout board for the TI HDC1000, a tiny (8BGA) temperature and humidity sensor

The boards were again fulfilled by DirtyPCBs, perfect for this kind of small projects.
So here are the pictures of my board and here are the features:

  • Address selection jumpers: ADR0 and ADR1 are tied to GND by default but you can jump them to VCC in order to change the address of your sensor (default:0x40)
  • I2C pull-ups to VCC for SDA, SCL and DRDYn. If you don’t want to use the latter, just don’t solder the resistor and leave it floating
  • 3-5V input, logic 5V tolerant (3.3V recommended)

Via the contact form.

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