Adrian Jones’ Dirty PCBs review

Why did you choose Dirty PCBs?  Was there something else you liked about them?  Adrian Jones over at WoodUino tried it out: As you can see, I chose a white coating for the boards but they offer many colours at no extra cost. The plating is excellent and the boards soldered easily. The component silk-screen is clear but […]

DIRTY TUESDAY: Measure PCBs and create images from gerber files

A few months ago we started a private PCB website so our team can get cheap PCBs from a fab in China. Someone spilled the beans, and it hit Hack a Day, Hacker News, etc. We almost shut it down, but it was too much fun to hack and refine the process. Dirty Tuesday is […]

DirtyPCB Yellow-Panel microgameboy

In this video Stijn Kuipers demonstrates his Yellow-Panel microgameboy: The recent paneling experiment resulted in a nice new addition to our prototyping toolbox. The yellow panel contains: Wolfsom SMT microphone breakout with small amplifier QFN24-to-dip adapter Freescale K20 TFT backpack (enhanced Teensy3.1 without the bootloaderchip) Freescale KL02Z DIP breakout with microphone USB-testpoint board in USBstick form […]

The deal with Dirty Cheap Dirty Boards PCBs

This sad FACE FRAME! documents the moment Ian found out Dirty PCBs hit Hacker News, Hack a Day, etc. Here’s the story behind our joke PCB site… A few months ago there were some comments in the forum about various PCB services making ‘crap’ $0.90 boards. Later we posted a picture of our own $0.20 […]