DirtyPCBs: C64FC 16K edition ready

Stian Søreng writes: A stack of release candidate 3 boards of the C64FC are on my desk, and a few changes have been made since RC2. We’re talking 16K support, software switches to select 8K/16K cartridge, cart disable support, bugs fixed and patched. I also want to give a good shoutout to DirtyPCBs for their […]

The Commodore 64 Flash Cart (C64FC) is done!

The Commodore 64 Flash Cart (C64FC) project by Stian Soreng: A few days ago I had a breakthrough getting the device to identify as an USB HID device, and yesterday it all just “clicked.” The device works and transfers images without a hint of problems. Release candidate 2, with its minor hardware patches, is perfect Since the […]