Beaglebone Black music box project

Brian’s Beaglebone Black music box project:  I would like to thank Miero for his hard work on the linux I2S driver for Beaglebone Black’s SOC without the driver this project would not exist. You can see the design in its enclosure here below and in the following video The design is essentially complete and tested as […]

DirtyPCB BeagleQ

HouseOfBeck shared his DirtyPCB BeagleQ in the project log forum: The BeagleQ is a wifi enabled wireless intelligent bbq smoker controller based on the BeagleBone Black controller. This device is designed to control a fan connected to the smoker’s input vent/damper. Using a temperature probe placed in the pit the controller can read the pit temperature and […]

BeagleBone Black and MSP430 based Wireless Sensing

Chirag Nagpal created prototype of a Wireless sensing system using MSP430, BeagleBone Black and XBee: I have developed a Wireless Sensing System using an MSP430 microcontroller based node, powered by 2 AA batteries, relaying data to a BeagleBone Black using XBee. The BeagleBone is then hosting a javascript based webpage graphing these values using processing.js. The […]

Proto Cape for BeagleBone

Tom  shared his prototyping cape for the BeagleBone/Black in the project log forum: I spun a prototyping cape for the BeagleBone/Black. The design is derived from the LGX Proto Cape created by Alexander Hiam for LGX / Logic Supply and released under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. I removed the SMD component footprints, which seemed […]