DirtyPCB BeagleQ


HouseOfBeck shared his DirtyPCB BeagleQ in the project log forum:

The BeagleQ is a wifi enabled wireless intelligent bbq smoker controller based on the BeagleBone Black controller. This device is designed to control a fan connected to the smoker’s input vent/damper. Using a temperature probe placed in the pit the controller can read the pit temperature and then adjust the fan speed to act as a bellows to cause the coals to heat up and raise the pit temperature. The fan shuts down when the desired temperature is reached. By continually monitoring the temperature and adjusting the fan speed the controller can insure a smooth low and slow cook.

The controller also has extra probes which can be used to monitor the temperature of the food being cooked and to send alerts based on a “done” setpoint.

Codes are available on Github.

Via the forum.


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