Plumbing: Parallel programming for the Arduino has introduced Plumbing, a Creative Commons licensed introduction to programming the Arduino using the programming language occam-pi. The tools are open source and facilitate parallel processing within the Arduino. The most recent versions for Windows, Mac and Linux are available for download. Check our the free PDF book download.

Arduino realtime audio spectrum analyzer

Paul Bishop has posted source code and the schematic for an audio spectrum analyzer based on the Atmega328/Arduino. The design takes input from a simple electret microphone, amplifies it through a transistor fed into the Arduino’s ADC input pin. The Arduino outputs video of  a 64 band audio spectrum analyzer through two external resistors which […]

Open source Arduino shield outline in gEDA

Eric writes: I’ve released an Arduino shield board outline in gEDA format under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license. These files can be used as a starting place for creating Arduino shield boards. Video overlay shield shown. Don’t forget there is also an Arduino shield outline in the Dangerous Prototypes Eagle parts library (CC-0). […]

Arduino Uno quality control

Moogle was disappointed by his new Arduino Uno. He thought it was pretty unrefined: rough edges, thin solder mask, poorly aligned headers. Arduino responded directly that this is an isolated incident. They will replace any less than perfect hardware. (A Moogle followup post) Additionally, bongobat may have encountered a major bug in the circuit that […]

Seeeduino Film V0.9b

The Seeeduino Film we covered earlier is now available. Film is a flexible development board that includes an Atmega168 with the Arduino bootloader. For portable or wearable applications, it has an on-board li-poly battery charger. Albert has been working hard to get this design right, congraduations on the first batch! Maybe when this is perfected […]

Play WAV audio files with AD5330 and Arduino

SparkFun has a tutorial about playing WAV files with an 8-bit AD5330 Digital Analog Converter (DAC). The AD5330 has an 8-bit parallel interface and operates from 2.5v to 5.5v. SparkFun uses an Arduino, micro SD shield, and AD5330 breakout board to play WAV files. The Arduino reads uncompressed WAV files from a FAT formatted SD […]