Google Summer of Code 2014

Michael Ossmann, co-developer of the HackRF open source SDR platform, writes reminding us that the deadline for student’s entries for the Google Summer of Code 2014 is fast approaching. If you or someone you know is a college student who would like to spend the summer getting paid to work on open source source software, […]

Google guys develop lawn irrigation system with Android and Arduino

Google engineers J.J Barrons and Joe Fernandez have developed this lawn irrigation system. Dubbed Irrduino it uses Android, Ardiuno, Python, Dart and the Google App Engine. The project hardware details can be found on JoesHacks blog. The source code can be downloaded from Google code. The files include an Arduino based controller using an Android […]

SketchUp 3D modeling software sold to Trimble Navigation

Google sold the popular SketchUp 3D modeling software to Trimble Navigation. Both parties assure users that the free versions will remain available. Google will maintain the 3D Warehouse for the foreseeable future. We’re cautiously optimistic that the free version will remain free, though we’re concerned about monkey business with the licensing. For example they could […]

Testing post integration with Google+ this week

If you’re a Google+ social networking fan, we’ll be experimenting with post syndication on our Google+ page this week. As always, we don’t use social networking features malware widgets on to better protect your privacy. We do syndicate posts to Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+ if you’re into that.

Google tracking expands, threatens privacy

Google appears poised to commence a program of tracking all users across all their services. The company will not allow you to opt-out. For example, they will pair info gained through their email service with search logs, ostensibly to target ads better. Of course such info is individually identifiable and stored for at least 9 […]

Google winds down Android app inventor, to open source code

Last December we noted the announcement of the Android App Inventor from Google. Now Google has announced the discontinuance of the project and states that they will open source the code. With the winding down of Google Labs, Google will discontinue App Inventor as a Google product and will open source the code. Additionally, because […]

Open source perception manager

Cellbots is a collection of hobbyists who want to free your cell phone from your pocket and let it connect and move with the real word by integrating it with a robot. Now Anthony Francis, a member of Google’s Cloud Robotics team and a volunteer at, has been given the green light to contribute […]

Arduino based Android Open Accessory Development Kit

Joe Desbonnet informs us of the release by Google of their Android Open Accessory Development Kit (ADK). Interestingly, the ADK is Arduino based! The Android Open Accessory Development Kit (ADK) provides an implementation of an Android USB accessory that is based on the Arduino open source electronics prototyping platform, the accessory’s hardware design files, code […]

Codebox: save Arduino sensor data to Google

Many are familiar with how to read data from Arduino into Processing. One such example varies the a PC’s onscreen graphics relative to the intensity of light on an LDR. Here MAKE presents a project which web enables Arduino sensor projects, allowing Processing data to be communicated and stored in a Google spreadsheet doc.

Google app inventor open to all

Google has opened up its App Inventor Android development GUI for public use. Formerly offered on an invitation only basis, the app inventor is a browser based IDE for Android apps. While it has its downsides including closed source, mandatory Google registration, no WiFi modules, and the need for a web connection (since compiling of […]