HOW-TO: ATC-1000M TCP/IP to UART Arduino shield

The goal of this tutorial is to use the ATC-1000M with the Arduino. Our ATC-1000M came integrated in a TCP/IP to serial shield. This shield can be used by an Arduino to connect to a LAN or wireless router.

Here is the procedure from setting the static IP for loopback testing with Hyperterminal.

  • Connection: PC —LAN cable–ATC1000M
  • No Arduino connection yet, the RX and TX needs to be shorted as shown above (look for the pins encircled in green)

  1. Set the LAN’s IP Address to
  2. Set the Subnet Mask to
  3. On an internet browser, type to enter the web configuration. The default username and password is: admin:system
  4. Inside the web configuration, the configuration may be altered. (IP,TCP,UDP,RS232 settings, etc.)
  5. Save settings to reflect the changes.
  6. Go to Hyperterminal (or any terminal software you prefer), enter port 23.
  7. Type any characters. If the loopback is successful, the characters will be echoed back.
  8. If the ATC-1000M is planned to be used over WiFi, check the IP Address and Gateway of the ATC-1000M via the web configuration and make the necessary adjustments (if needed).

Here is a C# test program in action.

For addition information and reference here are the documents from the manufacturer’s website:

ATC-1000M guide/tutorial

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