App note: Secure Key Storage

App note from Silicon Labs on their EFR32 device secure features Key encryption. Link here (PDF) Secure Key Storage is a feature in Secure Vault-enabled Series 2 devices that allows for the protection of cryptographic keys by key wrapping. User keys are encrypted by the device’s root key for non-volatile storage for later usage. This […]

Encryption on a PIC18

Robust encryption is often difficult to achieve on a microcontroller given the limited processing power and memory. The Microchip PIC18 series are capable of some forms of limited data encryption. Four encryption algorithms including AES, XTEA, SKIPJACK® and a simple encryption algorithm using a pseudo-random binary sequence generator are described in this application note.

Implementation of DES algorithm using FPGA technology

Arnaud Lagger has published some interesting work on the use of FPGAs in encryption. Unlike other docs we’ve seen, this analysis is both comprehensive and detailed, including an appendix with the VHDL source code. Definitely worth the read for anyone interested in encryption using FPGAs.