Low-power digital ambient light sensor with I2C interface

An app note on a low-power digital ambient light sensor with an I2C interface: Optimized for black glass operations Consumes less power with ultra-low 1µA operating current Eliminates the need for different supply rails which saves cost and board area by using 1.7V to 3.6V VCC operation Delivers 0.025 lux to 104,444 lux sense range […]

Universal Serial Bus general-purpose device controller

rsdio writes:  Depending upon the quality of open-source 8051 compiler tools, this might be a good chip (one of many like the EzUSB) for open hardware development without being stuck with Microchip’s partially open tool chain. The TUSB3210 is a USB-based controller targeted as a general-purpose MCU with GPIO. The TUSB3210 has 8K × 8 […]

App note: Simple nonvolatile gating

rsdio writes:  Wow, this is one of the strangest articles I’ve seen. The approach seems wasteful. Discuss? As an alternative to the use of PALs, GALs, or CPLD devices to implement a non-volatile gating function, these circuits store the gating signal (block or transmit) using a digital potentiometer (MAX5427 or MAX5527) controlled by a serial […]

App note: Protect LED driver in backlit displays

rsdio tipped us to an app note on protecting a boost-converter LED driver : Several circuit ideas are presented for protecting a boost-converter LED driver when the LEDs are disconnected. (Without protection, the driver output can destroy the external MOSFET and Schottky diode.) An LED-driver IC (MAX1698) and comparator (MAX9060 or MAX9028) are included.

App note: Liquid crystal display (LCD) interface

An app note on interfacing liquid-crystal displays (LCDs): Teridian’s single- and 3-phase energy-meter ICs have a variety of interfacing ports for data access and information display. This application note provides details on interfacing liquid-crystal displays (LCDs) to the 71M6511, 71M6511H, 71M6513, and 71M6515H devices. These details are relevant to 71M6511, 71M6513, 71M6515H demo boards with […]

App note: Signal chain guide 3rd edition

Selector guide: Signal chain 3rd edition Whether you need to meet tight accuracy requirements, reduce form factor size, or lower power consumption, this selector guide will help you choose the right signal chain components to optimize your design. Included are analog multiplexers and switches, ADCs, DACs, operational amplifiers, digital potentiometers, filters, voltage references, resistor-dividers, and […]

App note: CoolRunner-II character LCD module interface

Xilinx has an application note explaining how to use LCD modules with a CPLD. CoolRunner-II CPLDs can be used to control dot-matrix liquid crystal display (LCD) modules. The low-power characteristics of LCD modules make them an ideal complement to the CoolRunner-II family. These displays typically require 3.3V signals. However, this is not of concern because […]

App note: Timeout protection for high current LEDs

rsdio writes:  This looks like a great idea any time you’re worried that your custom firmware might crash at the wrong moment. You don’t necessarily need the MAX8607 LED driver, just the MAX6421 or maybe even a 555 equivalent. This protection feature enables reliable high-power LED operation over a long life cycle and prevent the […]

App note: Thermal management

An app note about heat management, including an overview of some cool thermocouple-reading ICs: This product guide showcases Maxim’s industry-leading portfolio of thermal-management devices, which includes temperature sensors and switches, fan controllers, and a highly accurate thermocouple-to-digital converter. Learn how to select the right fan controller and improve designs using multichannel temperature sensors. Thanks rsdio!

App note: using Microchip serial RTCC

Microchip has released an application note outlining usage of their serial RTCC devices. Many embedded systems require some form of accurate timekeeping. There are a growing number of applications that require an external Real-Time Clock/ Calendar (RTCC) and higher integration of external peripheral components into the RTCC. In order to achieve a highly robust and […]

2A automotive step-down converter

rsdio writes:  maybe voidptr can use this in his Noob car blinking LED project… MAX16974 High-Voltage, 2.2MHz, 2A Automotive Step-Down Converter with Low Operating Current Wide input voltage range (3.5V to 45V) allows seamless operation from cold crank to load dump Low quiescent current meets tight power budgets High-frequency operation eliminates AM-band radio interference

App note: BodyCom

The BodyCom system is a new short-range wireless connectivity technology that uses the capability of the human body to transport a few signals that provide intuitive, simple, and safe communication between two electronically compatible devices. Communication between BodyCom system devices occurs when they are within a few centimeters of the human body: a simple proximity […]

Digital thermometer with SPI interface

An app note on a digital thermometers and thermostats with an SPI interface: Industry’s First Low-Voltage 3-Wire/SPI Temperature Sensors Enable Easy Implementation Into Low-Power Systems Aids designers in meeting error and power budgets Independent operation alleviates system resource drain Increases system reliability Thanks rsdio!

App note: Microchip Ni-MH battery charger application library

Our app note for the day: The Battery Charger Application Library easily allows adding battery charging functionality to portable applications. Since it is very compact (uses less than 2k words of program space and less than 128 bytes of RAM) it fits on small, cost-effective parts like the 14-pin PIC16F616. The library is available in […]

5-channel power-supply manager and intelligent fan control

rsdio tipped us to an app note on power-supply sequencers and voltage trackers: here’s something for cloudform511’s Open Source Laptop, assuming it will need a fan The MAX34441, PMBus 5-Channel Power-Supply Manager and Intelligent Fan Controller Power supply/thermal manager provides unparalleled “black box” failure logging and energy efficient fan control Provides predictable operation of up […]