App note: Single-Channel power supply monitor with remote temperature sense

App note from Linear Technology using their LTC2970 to monitor external temperature aside from doing power management. Link here (PDF) Many applications with a single power regulator can benefit from the monitoring and control features of a power supply manager, but most power supply manager ICs have more than one channel. In an application that […]

App note: 400MHz, 2500V/µs, 9mA single/dual operational amplifiers

400MHz, 2500V/µs, 9mA single/dual operational amplifiers (PDF!) application note from Linear Technology: FEATURES 400MHz Gain Bandwidth Product 2500V/μs Slew Rate –85dBc Distortion at 5MHz 9mA Supply Current Per Amplifier 6nV/√Hz Input Noise Voltage Unity-Gain Stable 1.5mV Maximum Input Offset Voltage 8μA Maximum Input Bias Current 800nA Maximum Input Offset Current 40mA Minimum Output Current, VOUT = ±3V […]

App note: Does your op amp oscillate?

All about Op Amp stability app note from Linear Technology. Well, it shouldn’t. We analog designers take great pains to make our amplifiers stable when we design them, but there are many situations that cause them to oscillate in the real world. Various types of loads can make them sing. Improperly designed feedback networks can […]

App note: High voltage, low noise, DC/DC converters

An app note from Linear Technology: High voltage, low noise, DC/DC converters (PDF!) Photomultipliers (PMT), avalanche photodiodes (APD), ultrasonic transducers, capacitance microphones, radiation detectors and similar devices require high voltage, low current bias.  Additionally, the high voltage must be pristinely free of noise; well under a millivolt is a common requirement with a few hundred microvolts sometimes necessary. […]

App Note: Designing a simple isolated flyback DC to DC converter

Here’s’ a video tutorial from Linear Technology describing how to design a simple flyback DC/DC converter. The video promotes the use of LT’s LT3573 IC, but it also provides information that could be applied to other designs as well. Isolated power supplies are needed in a wide variety of applications. Galvanic isolation is achieved by […]

App note: Diode turn-on time induced failures in switching regulators

A video from the comments on our post about fast diodes for switching regulators: Recently, switching regulator clock rate and transition time have become faster, making diode turn-on time a critical issue. A potential difficulty due to diode turn-on time is that the resultant transitory “overshoot” voltage across the diode, even when restricted to nanoseconds, […]

App Note: Linear Databook and the two-volume Linear Applications Handbook

Drone tipped us to scanned versions of the Linear Databook, and Linear Applications Handbook (vol.1 and vol.2) available online. These are collections of many app notes produced over the years by Linear Technology. Freely view/download the venerable set of Linear Technology Corporation’s Linear Databook and two-volume Linear Applications Handbook. Free to view online or download […]

App note: Driving capacitive loads fast by paralleling op-amps and transmission lines

Here’s a video from Linear Technology describing how to drive capacitive loads fast. The proposed solutions is to use multiple op-amps in a parallel configuration to achieve the high-speed requirements. Certain video and other technologies require driving planar conductive surfaces fast. Unfortunately, the surfaces can have high capacitance, which means that driving them fast takes […]

App note: Energy harvesting applications with the LTC3588

Here’s a video from Linear Technology describing how to power microcontroller systems with Piezoelectric energy harvesting power supply IC LTC3588-1. It incorporates a full bridge rectifier, and a switch-mode regulator into one IC. New developments in ultralow power microcontrollers with their high level of integration are enabling monitoring systems which draw sub milliwatts of power. […]

App note: Minimizing switching regulator residue in linear regulator outputs

Jim Williams from Linear Technology explains how to battle switching regulator residue in linear regulator outputs. If you want to clean up the switching regulator output by using a linear regulator, you’ll run into difficulties. Linear regulators are not very good at suppressing high frequency noise, and switching regulators output loads of it. The “secret […]

App note: Transform a DC/DC converter into a full-featured battery charger

Here is an application note video from Linear Technology describing how to use their LTC4000 coupled with a switch mode regulator to charge batteries. This IC is a supervisory circuit that controls the feedback pin of a switching regulator. It provides the project with safe charging, and seamless switching from battery power to regulator power.

App note: Interview with Bob Dobkin the chief technical officer at Linear Technology

Here’s an interview with Bob Dobkin, the CTO and co-founder of Linear Technology. He talks about how he started in the industry, the founding of Linear Technology, reasons behind application notes, and how to become a good analog engineer. He also talks about Jim Williams, the late analog design guru who’s responsible for many excellent […]

App note: Switching regulator power loss

Here’s a video from Linear Technology explaining why power loss is a more important factor than efficiency in switching regulators. Comparing the efficiency of two different switching regulators can be, and usually is ,misleading. Efficiency is a misleading number for comparison of switching regulators. The efficiency number can be manipulated by the input and output […]

App Note: Fast diodes for switching regulators

Here is an app note from Linear Technology describing the importance of diode turn-on time in high speed (<1MHz) switching regulators. Turn on time is the time it takes the voltage drop on the diode to clamp at the rated voltage drop. Recently, switching regulator clock rate and transition time have become faster, making diode […]

App note: A boat load of 5volt to 3.3volt regulation possibilities

A circuit collection of switching and linear 5 volt to 3.3 volt step down regulators. The article has good fundamentals, but it was written in 1993 so keep in mind that some of the information is a bit out of date. This application note contains a collection of 3.3V regulator circuits, each optimized for a […]

App note: Power conversion, measurement and pulse circuit collection

Here is another circuit collection from Linear Technology. This one covers power conversion, measurement, and pulse circuits. This ink marks LTC’s eighth circuit collection publication. We are continually surprised, to the point of near mystifi cation, by these circuit amalgams seemingly limitless appeal. Reader requests ascend rapidly upon publication, remaining high for years, even decades.

LTC4370: current-sharing controller with reverse current blocking

Here is an interesting part from Linear Technology, it’s the LTC4370 current-sharing controller, with reverse current blocking. Basically it allows you to tie two power supplies in parallel, without the fear that one will source more current than the other.  It also has built in protection that prevents the current from flowing into the supplies. […]

App note: Using and understanding voltage references

This tutorial on voltage references covers theory and how it works in practice: When specifying a reference, keep in mind that initial accuracy, temperature coefficient and long-term stability all play a role in overall accuracy of the finished product. By taking some care in applying the reference, and by avoiding some key pitfalls, the reference’s […]