App note: One-wire control of SPI peripherals

rsdio presents: 1-Wire network via an SPI-compatible display controller. To produce the 3-wire SPI™ interface required by a MAX7221 display controller (active-low CS, DIN, and CLK), this 1-Wire network serially addresses three 1-Wire switches (DS2413). The first switch creates Chip Select directly (active-low CS), the second creates the serial-data line directly (DIN), and the third […]

MAX8934G dual-input linear Li-Poly battery charger

rsdio serves us another heaping helping of interesting parts today. Check out the MAX8934G dual-input Li+/Li-Poly linear battery charger: Monitors temperature to ensure safe charging and JEITA battery charging specification compliance Charges safely by lowering the termination voltage and charge rate in hot or cold temperature Includes all integrated MOSFETs Delivers smart power path control […]

64-channel, current-input analog-to-digital converter

MichaelZ tipped us to a 64-channel, current-input analog-to-digital converter The DDC264 is a 20-bit, 64-channel, current-input analog-to-digital (A/D) converter. It combines both current-to-voltage and A/D conversion so that 64 separate low-level current output devices, such as photodiodes, can be directly connected to its inputs and digitized. For each of the 64 inputs, the DDC264 uses […]

App note: MAX13450E, MAX13451E RS-485 transceivers

rsdio tipped us to some interesting parts and application notes: MAX13450E, MAX13451E RS-485 Transceivers with integrated termination Resistors It’s my goal to some day finish a DMX512 dimmer board that I started, based on the PIC16F87 and as many LEDs as can be attached to its I/O pins – next task would be a DMX512 […]

App note: Interface SDRAM and DDR SRAM with a CPLD

irrenhaus tipped us to demo projects that interface SDRAM and DDR SRAM with CoolRunner-II CPLDs: There is a reference implementation from xilinx how to interface a SDRAM memory from a CoolRunner-II CPLD  XAPP394: “Interfacing to Mobile SDRAM with CoolRunner-II CPLDs” and XAPP384: “Interfacing to DDR SDRAM with CoolRunner-II CPLDs”). So my idea was: Why not […]

App Note: Programmable logic controllers (PLCs)

An introduction to programmable logic controllers (PLCs): This tutorial offers an in-depth introduction into programmable logic controllers (PLCs). The article starts with an overview of the history and the role PLCs in factory automation. The basic principles of PLC operation are discussed. The core modules of an industrial-control system are examined: the analog input function, […]

12-Bit analog monitoring and control solution

TI’s AMC7812 has a bunch of high-resolution, high-voltage analog inputs (ADCs) and outputs (DACs). 12, 12-Bit DACs with Programmable Outputs 0V to 5V DAC Shutdown to User-Defined Level 12-Bit, 500kSPS ADC with 16 Inputs 0V to 12.5V (16 Single-Ended or Two Differential + 12 Single-Ended) Two Remote Temperature Sensors One Internal Temperature Sensor Input Out-of-Range […]

MAXQ1004 1-Wire and SPI Authentication Microcontroller

rsdio tipped us to some interesting parts and application notes: MAXQ1004  a 1-Wire and SPI Authentication Microcontroller. Secure Your Application and Save Your Battery with an Authentication Micro That Consumes Only 300nA in Stop Mode Protects your investment with government-grade AES encryption Easily add authentication to your application using one of several interfaces (1-Wire, SPI™, […]

C2000 Piccolo: F2806x MCU

rsdio tipped us to the floating-point Piccolo MCUs from Texas Instruments: C2000™ Piccolo MCUs offer an enhanced math engine specifically designed to simplify programming and optimize performance in real-time control applications that may require integrated communications. Developers of energy-efficient motor control and renewable energy applications can now use a single F2806x MCU to cost-effectively execute […]

Introduction to computed tomography (CT) medical imaging

rsdio tipped us to an app note on a computed tomography (CT) medical imaging. This tutorial explains how computed tomography (CT) imaging systems generate 3-D images of internal body structures. The high-end spiral CT technique is explained, as is the method by which light collected from photodiodes is processed into an electrical signal and eventually […]

App Note: LEDs allow new remote-controlled lighting applications

A remote-controlled lightning applications: One benefit LEDs offer in general lighting applications is that they are easier to control remotely. This application note describes a remote-controlled architectural or street-lighting system and describes how to implement power-line or wireless communications control of a lighting system. Thanks for the tip rsdio!

App Note: Overview of industrial motor control Systems

An overview of industrial motor control systems: This overview of industrial motor controls highlights the differences and subsystems for DC motor, brushless DC, and AC induction motors. An in-depth analysis of critical subsystems focuses on monitoring and measuring current; sensing temperature; sensing motor speed, position, and movement; monitoring and controlling multichannel currents and voltages; and […]

Introduction to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

rsdio tipped us to an app note on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). This tutorial explains how magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems use the reaction of hydrogen atoms moving in a magnetic field to yield a detailed medical image. The types of magnetic fields typically used are described. The note explains why today’s higher resolution MRI […]

App note: Digitally controlled DC/DC converter

A digitally controlled DC to DC converter: You can easily add margining capability (digital adjustment of the output voltage) to a DC/DC converter by adding a 2- or 4-channel, I²C-adjustable current DAC (DS4402 or DS4404) at the converter’s feedback input. Because each DAC output is 0mA at power up, the extra circuitry is transparent to […]