3D Model: Bus Pirate and breadboard holder 2

Posted on Monday, December 24th, 2012 in 3D Model, Bus Pirate by Filip


Today’s model is the second iteration of the Bus Pirate and breadboard holder we designed for a kit we are prototyping. It this version the Bus Pirate is interfaced with a TO220-5 packaged IC. The holder board was designed in Sketchup and the design SVG files were sent for laser cutting. Free PCB to the first one to guess what IC is in the breadboard.

Check out our tutorial on how to build 3D models from Cadsoft Eagle board files, as well as the tutorial on how to render life like images with Kerkythea.

The models will be published in the Dangerous Prototypes 3D warehouse collection.

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8 Responses to “3D Model: Bus Pirate and breadboard holder 2”

  1. Eric G says:

    Is it a TC74 or variant – SPI temperature sensor.

    • Filip says:

      You’re a winner :) Yup it’s te TC74 temp sensor (although I2C), Marry Xmas. We’ll contact you with the PCB code in a few days..

  2. Dimiter says:

    Wow that was fast. I second that.

  3. Dimiter says:

    Wow that was fast. I second that. looks like a TC74

  4. Eric G says:

    Ah, was going by memory. Perhaps the TC622 then.

  5. systemstech says:

    high speed buffer like the Burr-Brown BUF634

  6. AndThen says:

    This is a bad angle. The other view(the one used on the 17th) is easier to distinguish the BP pins..

    TC624 is the lower voltage device < 4.5v, but it's not in that series(TC622/24) the connections are wrong.

    Maybe an MC74(Micrel) instead of mchp? My recall of BP wiring is abit rusty

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