3D Model: Smoke Tester v1

The Smoke Tester we previewed a fortnight ago is the latest 3D Model to be added to our library. It’s a board designed to safely power prototypes for the first time and see if there are shorts. Current can be measured using a voltmeter.

The models will be published in the Dangerous Prototypes 3D warehouse collection. They are also uploaded to our SVN. You can find them inside the “art” folders in the respective project folders. Check out the 3D view below. You can zoom and rotate the model.

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    1. there is one, only it doesn’t include a few tricks

      I could make a 3rd tutorial explaining how I get the best results…

      It’s basically down to material choice, and HDR global illumination…

      once you’ve exported the model to Kerkythea, you edit each material, I use downloadable libraries, and I just customize collors etc.. The PCB itself I add masks on pads so they are metalized, and a bump map on the copper so it pops out…

      I select some cool studio HDR global ilumination, which is also downloadable from Kerkythea’s site…and render in preset 20 for a few hours…

      The kerkythea forum is a great community, and lots of pointer can be found on how to get the best results, the’ll also answer questions resonably quicky..

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