Single diode temperature sensor with Arduino ICU (& reverse-bias leakage)

Use a single diode as a temperature sensor with Arduino ICU Our LED light-sensing experiments lead to an interesting observation: When these loggers are left running overnight they still produce readings because reverse-bias ‘leakage-current’ eventually triggers the Interrupt Capture Unit (ICU) – in the absence of any light. The speed of this self-discharge depends on […]

App note: IC temperature sensor accuracy compensation with a PIC microcontroller

This application note is based on the analog output MCP9700/MCP9701 and serial output MCP9800 temperature sensors. Link (PDF)  here Microchip Technology Inc. provides a number of analog and serial output Integrated Circuit (IC) temperature sensors. Typically, these sensors are accurate at room temperature within one degree Celsius (±1°C). However, at hot or cold temperature extremes, the […]

App note: Low-power battery temperature monitoring

Low current consumption temperature battery monitoring TMP303 from Texas Instruments. Link here (PDF) Charging a battery cannot be independent of temperature. In fact, most batteries specify a range of temperatures where charging is permitted. Charging outside these bounds risks damage, failure or worse. To prevent charging when the temperature is too hot or too cold, […]

DIY compost sensor

Kinasmith wrote this instructable detailing how to build a compost temperature monitoring system, a web connected wireless sensor network: Why Measure the Temperature of Compost? “Composting is the biological decomposition of organic matter under aerobic conditions.” Micro-organisms consume organic material and oxygen and create heat as a waste product. By measuring this heat you can predict […]

Thermostat remote temperature sensor hack

Alan Parekh of Hacked Gadgets writes: We all have thermostats in our houses but how often are they in a horrible place? You often want to place the temperature sensor in a different location than the control and display unit. There are lots of models that have remote sensor capability but they come with a […]

App note: Understanding multidrop address assignments for thermal sensors

Here is a app note from Maxim on multidrop thermal sensing: In many thermal applications, it may be desired to utilize multiple temperature sensors, placed in different physical locations, to monitor the operating temperatures in predefined ‘zones’ within the system. To accommodate this desire, many thermal products have the added flexibility of user-defined slave addressing. A […]

Breakout module for Si7005 temperature and humidity sensor

Raj of Embedded Lab has written up documentation on his  Si7005 breakout board: The Si7005 is a digital relative humidity and temperature sensor from Silicon Labs. It integrates fully factory-calibrated humidity and temperature sensor elements with an analog to digital converter, signal processing and an I2C host interface in a single monolithic CMOS sensor IC. The Si7005 […]

Diode temperature sensor calibration using Arduino and SHT15 module

Paulo writes: A simple diode or the output of a transistor bias circuit can be used as a rough temperature sensor. For this purpose, a calibration procedure using a precise temperature sensor is recommended. This article shows how to calibrate such a temperature sensing circuit using an Arduino and the SHT15 Sensirion temperature/humidity sensor module.

MSP430 based wireless temperature sensor

Toxic239 shared his wireless temperature sensor project based on the MSP430 microcontroller. It uses a 14.089 MHz carrier frequency which is modulated using Morse code, outputting “CALLSIGN T<TEMP> 73”. The source files are available in the forum. For an upcoming low altitude party balloon flight :D we had to put together a simple Morse transmitter. […]

Bus Pirate: DS28EA00 temperature sensor demo

wortelsoft demonstrates the DS23EA00 1-Wire digital thermometer using the Bus Pirate: The DS28EA00 is a, 1-wire temperature sensor. It features selectable 9/10/11/12 bit resolution with a typical accuracy of ±0.5°c, alarm function and user-programmable upper and lower trigger points. Special to this sensor are the two io pins which can be used for sequence detection […]

One Wire Digital Temperature DS18B20 + Arduino

There are alot of Arduino + temperature sensor tutorials out there, but what makes this one different is the use of the DS18B20 sensor. Each DS18B20 has a unique 64-bit serial code, which allows multiple DS18B20s to function on the same 1-Wire bus. Thus, it is simple to use one microprocessor to control many DS18B20s […]

RS-485 network temperature sensor

ezflyer made a RS-485 network temperature sensor: This design will be used as part of my home automation system to measure temperatures in various parts of the house. I already have the wiring in place for an extensive RS-485 network, so the installation of the individual sensors will be easy. I’m currently working on a […]

TI digital temperature sensor

TI has introduced the TMP103 Digital Temperature Sensor with I2C/SMBUS Expanded Interface. The device features Multiple Device Access (MDA), Global Read/Write Operations,I2C™-/SMBus™-Compatible Interface, 8-bit resolution with accuracy: ±1°C Typ (–10°C to +100°C). The supply range is 1.4V to 3.6V, and the chip comes in a 4-Ball WCSP (DSBGA) package. According to the press release the […]