Bus Pirate: DS28EA00 temperature sensor demo

wortelsoft demonstrates the DS23EA00 1-Wire digital thermometer using the Bus Pirate:

The DS28EA00 is a, 1-wire temperature sensor. It features selectable 9/10/11/12 bit resolution with a typical accuracy of ±0.5°c, alarm function and user-programmable upper and lower trigger points. Special to this sensor are the two io pins which can be used for sequence detection or as general IO. The GPIO pins can be used for sequence detection (in which order are the sensors connected on the 1-wire bus) or as general purpose io pins. The pins are only capable of sinking 20mA maximum, so when connecting for instance a led make sure the current limiting resistors are large enough to stay well below this maximum.

Thanks wortelsoft, a free PCB code is in the mail!

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