Voltcraft PS-1305/230 power supply teardown

Arhi tears apart the Voltcraft PS-1305/230 isolated 0-230 volts AC 4.5 Amp power supply. It also comes with a 0-30V 5A, and 5V 3A DC channels. The laboratory power unit is a combination of direct current power unit and safety variable isolating transformer with alternating current output. Via the forum.

HP 5328A universal frequency counter teardown

Kenneth scored two HP universal frequency counters and popped them open. One generates the timebase from an uncompensated oscillator in a TO-5 package, while the other uses a large temperature controlled oven oscillator: here is both of my counters measuring the same 1pps  taken from my AdaFruit GPS receiver.  The lower one with the  oven-compensated […]

Weller RT type tip teardown and reverse engineering

Raj has been designing a soldering station that would support Weller’s RT type tips with temperature sensor and heater built into them. A stereo-type jack on the iron connects them to the soldering station cable. So far Raj has reverse engineered the pinout of the jack and how to read the temperature. The tip has […]

Troubleshoot and repair a defective LCD monitor

Victor took apart a defective LCD monitor and repaired it. The LCD didn’t respond at all to the power button, so chances were good something was off in the power supply. Sure enough there was a bulging cap, replacing it revived the monitor and saved it from the landfill. Some time ago I was donated […]

Kendal 852D hot-air rework station teardown

Schazamp bought a cheap Kendal 852D+ 2+1 hot-air and soldering iron rework tool. He opened it up and took some pictures. Most of the 852-whatever clones look pretty similar inside, there’s probably one factory churning out clones under a bunch of different brand names. Like our Aoyue 968, it’s made with through-hole parts. It’s a […]

Sure Electronics PICkit2 clone teardown

Today we have teardown photos of a Sure Electronics PICkit2 clone PIC programmer, the type commonly sold on eBay. Scopria, who took these pictures, reports that his programmer stopped working after a few months.  He recommends a real Microchip PICkit2 because it’s only a couple dollars more. Teardown photos and a look at the circuit […]

Microchip PICkit2 teardown

PICkit2 is a programmer for Microchip PIC microcontrollers. It has limited debugging features and a low-speed serial protocol analyzer. It’s really useful for low-volume production programming because it can store firmware and program circuits while not attached to a PC. Buy it at Mouser for about $40, Digi-Key has the new PICkit3 for about $70. […]