Tektronix 465 oscilloscope teardown

Posted on Monday, March 19th, 2012 in Teardowns by DP

Mick bought and disassembled a Tektronix 465 oscilloscope. It’s a 100 MHz dual trace, dual timebase analog scope. He points out that most of the transistors are socketed instead of soldered. More pics below.

Via the forum.

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29 Responses to “Tektronix 465 oscilloscope teardown”

  1. Yuri says:

    What’s the point? To waste a nice instrument? Just to learn that it had socketed transistors and ICs? How smart! yvz0892

  2. chewe peter says:

    I got one scope but only shows to channel dot and can be move across manually . Please can someone help with schematics and also help on how to get the beams to run automatically?

  3. Ron says:

    I have full manual with schematics

  4. poorguy says:

    hey all, I own several different scopes tektronix being the best choice 465/475 the standard proven work horse. I have picked these up from all places for a song or less and have had to repair some of them and would no way just destroy or scrap any of them. most repairs have been small caps and filter caps also resistors. hard to get data on them so seat of the pants and others experience of there repairs have helped a lot. oscilloscopes are just cool and these are an era of electronics that will never be around again and I am glad that I was able and still am able to live it. just my opinion.

    • David Drake says:

      I bought a Tektronix model 465 from a recyling facility for $35.00. everything looked and tested out pretty good. I got both a and b channels but it is missing the volts/division knob and the vertical variable/calibration knob. The A channel volts/division shaft just turned round and round without stepping the volts/division mechanism.

      I took it apart and removed the boards to get to the volts/division switch mechanism, and discovered that the plastic ears that engaged the cylindical cam switch were broken.

      I need to get part number 384-0878-02 (Shaft,Cam Sw/Driver) and if I can’t repair it, part number 376-0051-00(cplg shaft,flex for .125 Diam Shafts). Does anyone know where I can get these mechanical parts? Thank you for kind consideration.

      • Drake just arrange transportation costs I can send you a 465 tektronix scope .It has no y movement because the tunnel diodes are shorted. The X movement is fine. +260979529626, ZAMBIA.

      • David Drake says:


        Where are you? I am on Palomar Mountain which is near to San Diego in California. I will arrange postage. Thank you for doing this.

        David Drake

    • I have one Tektronix 465 scope it has no Y movement because of the bad tunnel diodes. Anyone interested can arrange shipment costs and it will be on its way.

  5. Meddeveng says:

    Ron, can I get a copy of that documentation? I just bought one of these scopes from a company going out of business.

    If any of you guys have a GPIB (IEEE-488) connector on the back of the scope that you would be willing to part with? I also need to replace the B Delay control and maybe one other.


  6. Dick says:

    My 465 shows no trace. I checked the power supply voltages. The -2500 TP measures -50V. Was working fine the day before. dick

  7. Mick M says:

    The 465 I parted out was in very bad shape.
    I bought it as a parts scope along with a 475 with DMM.
    It was thrown in as part of the deal, not worth fixing.
    The crt was bad, plus I already have a 465B that works.
    I used parts to fix the 475.

    Anyway there is a yahoo group for TEK stuff.
    Here is the free service manual for the 465.

    and here:

    Mick M

  8. olive says:

    I have one of these and am an oscilloscope newbie. I’m trying to trace a circuit that has an intermittent ultrasonic and audible pulse that i have to trigger by whistling or making noise into a microphone. ??? Is there a way to ‘freeze’ the screen so that i can analyze the pulse ???

    • Harry Bahlzhak says:

      you could always take a picture of the screen with your digital camera ….

      • olive says:

        I guess a video of the screen isn’t a bad idea. It’s hard enough to trigger the board and hold the probes in place at the same time (while watching the screen).

  9. olive says:

    though I’d really like to figure out how to get the Oscilloscope to freeze it’s screen. I feel like it’s possible, but i don’t know how the system works (or where i should put the probe inputs to get it to do it.

  10. Mick M says:

    Hi olive;
    sadly what you want to do is not possible.
    What you need is a STORAGE scope.
    Nowadays they are called DSO scopes.

    Tek used to sell a polaroid camera for their analog scopes.

    Can you generate some kind of low frequency signal to drive a small speaker?
    Then glue a shortened pencil to a small speaker cone and use the rubber end as a “knocker”.
    You can very the amplitude and frequency to wake the bug up.

    Mick M

  11. Jeff Cohen says:

    I have a 465B scope, and the AC-GND-DC switch on Channel two does not work. It seems like it is missing a bearing, it no longer clicks when you move it. I think it is stuck on DC. Do you know where I can get a replacement switch, or is it repairable?


  12. Roger Browne says:

    My name is roger and I have a 475 DM 44 that has a bright beam but not all off the things
    work I had a tech in vancover bc look at it and said a cam switch was missing.Dose am one
    out there no about this I sure would like to have this fix and learn how to us it.
    Best Regards Roger.

  13. Ron says:

    I still have scope
    looking to sell it

  14. Ron says:

    I still have it and would like to sell it

  15. Meddeveng says:

    I have one I may willing to sell. Im in the Silicon Valley area.

  16. chewe peter says:

    David Drake, please contact me on the following Email Address, Cell Phone +260979529626 for arrangement for the transportation of the Tektronix scope I promised to give away. You can arrange either through DHL, or FEDEX. DHL is just 50metres from our office.As a technician I cant afford to let such a treasured instrument rot away while others need spares. For my work and projects a scope in a must. . I have other scope models that help me a lot in my projects.

  17. Sleepwalker3 says:

    Peter, Putting your email address and cell phone up on a public post where anybody on the internet can see it is a really bad idea. You would be far better just putting up a junk email like a gmail account or something. I’d suggest you edit your post appropriately.

  18. chewe peter says:

    David Drake,
    Sorry have been out of touch for some time arrangements contact me on for your transportation of the Tektronix 465 scope. F you can manage through DHL the better it is just 50 metres from our office.

  19. Erich says:

    Does the 465 with a DM40 open the same way as the typical 465? Can’t seem to get cover off and see no apparent connections for the DM40.

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