Lightweight PicKit2 using USB serial LCD backpack

jeanmarc78 shared his Lightweight PicKit2 using USB serial LCD backpack in the forum: Then i decided to try to use the LCD backpack which has the same microcontroller as the basis for a lightweight PicKit2 programmer. In fact, the LCD Backpack is a quite full PIC18F2550 breakout board with a 20 MHz quartz. The standard […]

Use PICKIT2 to program PIC32’s

Hak8or writes regarding his experiences with pic32prog, a flash programming utility for Microchip PIC32 microcontrollers. For everyone who is still stuck with a PICKIT2, like me, instead of buying a pickit3 we can all use this with a PICKIT2 to program the more high end PIC32’s. I am not exactly sure at the current state […]

Sure Electronics PICkit2 clone teardown

Today we have teardown photos of a Sure Electronics PICkit2 clone PIC programmer, the type commonly sold on eBay. Scopria, who took these pictures, reports that his programmer stopped working after a few months.  He recommends a real Microchip PICkit2 because it’s only a couple dollars more. Teardown photos and a look at the circuit […]

Microchip PICkit2 teardown

PICkit2 is a programmer for Microchip PIC microcontrollers. It has limited debugging features and a low-speed serial protocol analyzer. It’s really useful for low-volume production programming because it can store firmware and program circuits while not attached to a PC. Buy it at Mouser for about $40, Digi-Key has the new PICkit3 for about $70. […]