App note: Surface Mount Rework Considerations

Old app note from Weller on Surface mount rework. Link here(PDF!). We know you can relate to the challenges presented by newer and more complex surface mount component packages.  As systems continue to evolve, rework tasks can be increasingly difficult even for the most skilled rework technicians. The process of safely and efficiently removing and […]

App note: Soldering Tip Care and Use

A quick app note from Weller on soldering tip care. Link here (PDF!) When it comes to soldering irons, you know that the tip is the most critical component. While the soldering iron holds and heats the tip and controls its performance, the tip is tasked with the most important job of transferring heat efficiently […]

App note: “Is Your Soldering Equipment Speeding?”

A technical note from Weller on how accurate your soldering tool reading are. Link here (PDF!) With so many technological advancements, there is no excuse for incorrect measurement readings. For example, your automobile has a number of alternative methods to check the accuracy of the speedometer. You rely on those indicators to be accurate.  If […]

Weller RT type tip teardown and reverse engineering

Raj has been designing a soldering station that would support Weller’s RT type tips with temperature sensor and heater built into them. A stereo-type jack on the iron connects them to the soldering station cable. So far Raj has reverse engineered the pinout of the jack and how to read the temperature. The tip has […]

Drag soldering with a GullWing tip

SparkysWidgets posted this drag soldering video in the comments of yesterday’s flux-off solder flux trials. He solders an FT232 IC with a Weller NTGW tipped soldering iron. These GullWing tips have a dimple in the tip that suck up excess solder, making it very easy to drag solder. Similar tips are also available for Pace […]

Weller WSM 1 teardown finds DC driven iron

Weller WSM 1 is a 40w soldering station that drives WRMP soldering pencils with RT type tips. Inside you’ll find an LCD, a few ICs, and a few discrete components. It’s powered by a laptop power supply, and that the heater is driven by a DC/DC block. That sets it apart from the cheap AC driven […]

Oldest working Weller soldering tool contest

All-Spec Industries anounced the oldest working Weller soldering tool contest. All that is needed to enter is to send a picture of your tool to them, along with your name and shipping adress. First prize is a Weller WD1002T soldering station, and all entries recive a All-Spec Mug Boss. Via the contact form.