App note: RS-485 communication link vs. the electric fence, A demonstration of RS-485 EMC robustness

Analog Devices’ RS-485 robustness demonstration by direct application of HV transient to the communication line. Link here Industrial and instrumentation applications (I&I) require transmission of data between multiple systems, often over very long distances. The RS-485 bus standard is one of the most widely used physical layer bus designs in I&I applications. Applications for RS-485 […]

App note: Implement high-speed RS-485 application with i.MX RT based on NXP SDK

App note from NXP link here (PDF) This application note describes how to implement RS-485 communication with NXP i.MX RT series EVK, and how to design software based on NXP MCUXpresso SDK. For high-speed RS-485 bus, normally the baud rate is up to 5 Mbps; the interrupt and software polling mode is not practical in […]

App note: Design considerations for a harsh industrial environment

This article discusses factors that influence the robustness of a circuit in a harsh environment, like you would find for industrial applications. The topics covered include ways to handle voltage transients and to protect against electrostatic discharge (ESD) and faults. Link here Semiconductor (IC) robustness—what is the operating temperature range? How is high electrical noise handled? […]

isoUSBRS422, an open source isolated USB-RS422/RS485 converter board

Alper Yazar has posted an update on his open source isoUSBRS422 project we covered previously: As I said, basically it is an USB ↔ RS-422/RS-485 converter board. It can be used to communicate devices with RS-422/RS-485 interface by using a USB port of PC. Also, ground of USB port is isolated from ground of RS-422/RS-485 […]

App note: Reference of Maxim RS-485 chips

Maxim describes the features of their RS-485 line of transceivers. It’s important to chose transceivers for RS-485 communication that fall within the specifications of your network. The RS-485 standard is used in many applications, such as professional stage lighting. There is no clock signal so all the devices have to be synchronized with start and […]

RS-485 temperature sensor source files uploaded

As a follow up to his RS-485 temperature sensor board, Ezflyer added PCB and schematic files: I’ve been meaning to post the Eagle schematic and board files for this project for a while now, but never got around to it. An email from a forum member (thanks Karel!) interested in this project prompted me to […]