App note: Surge-proof your industrial sensor

Design solution for a robust and reliable power supply for industrial sensors from Maxim Integrated. Link here Modern industrial sensors must operate reliably in harsh and demanding industrial environments where they are prone to large surge voltages and mechanical stresses. This places considerable demands on the DC power supply that they use. We consider the […]

App note: Design considerations for a harsh industrial environment

This article discusses factors that influence the robustness of a circuit in a harsh environment, like you would find for industrial applications. The topics covered include ways to handle voltage transients and to protect against electrostatic discharge (ESD) and faults. Link here Semiconductor (IC) robustness—what is the operating temperature range? How is high electrical noise handled? […]

Extended temperature Bus Pirate

The next batch of Bus Pirate v3b is almost ready. It will ship with bootloader v4.4 and firmware v5.3. It will also be the only known batch of Bus Pirates to use an extended temperature range PIC 24FJ64GA002-E/SS. There weren’t any standard industrial temperature range chips available, so Seeed sourced the extended range version. These […]