Making PCB vias with conductive ink

Here’s an alternative method for making PCB vias using conductive ink from Diyouware: We developed an alternative method for making PCB vias through-hole using our robot. As you probably know the traditional DIY method consists in threading a wire through the holes and then soldering it and then cutting it off. For example, if we have 100 vias in […]

App note: Passives aren’t really So Passive: PCB

The last part of “Passives aren’t really so passive” series app notes from Maxim Integrated discusses about PCB flaws that can lead to passive errors to IC performance. Link here (PDF) Active components like transistors and integrated circuits change signals using energy from the power supply. However, passive components like resistors, capacitors, inductors, and connectors […]

Making a PCB business card

Ilia Baranov has designed a reference business card: Back of card includes: Ruler in both 1/10″ and mm. AWG Hole size gauge (not super accurate due to plating, but that is unavoidable) Resistor/capacitor/inductor/diode sizes Common surface mount component sizes Common electrical symbols and shortcuts/equations Common conversions Trace size comparison Quote from Dune! Project info at Mr.Robot […]

App note: EMC tests and PCB guidelines for automotive linear regulators

PCB design guidelines from ON Semiconductors on minimizing electromagnetic interference (EMI) on automotive linear regulators. Link is here Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is important for the functionality and security of electronic devices. Today’s designers must deal with steadily increasing system frequencies, changing power limits, high-density layouts required by more complex systems, and the ever-present need for […]

ChipHeadBang – design for an USB to Serial converter with ICSP header for (slow) bitbang programming

microtherion has published new project the ChipHeadBang, that is available on Github: Design for an USB to Serial converter with ICSP header for (slow) bitbang programming, based on the CH340G chip. While this seems to work pretty well, and the CH340G can be obtained extremely cheaply from sources such as AliExpress, driver support can be a bit […]

Yet another Bus Pirate free PCB build

Jason Mann built a free Bus Pirate v3.8 PCB.   The Bus Pirate is an open source hacker multi-tool that talks to electronic stuff. I received my free PCBs from #dangerousprototypes at the end of last month. I quickly put them together, but I ran into problems programming the bootloader and firmware. I finally managed to […]

Systematic PCB verification approach

From the comments on our previous PCB Checklist post, George Hadley shared this helpful checklist for submitting a PCB to a fab house: Systematic PCB Verification Approach (PDF!): 1. Parts completion check: 1. All major components included? Microcontroller/FPGA/SoC/Microprocessor/CPLD? Power supply/regulation? Sensors? User interface elements? (LCDs, buttons, switches, etc.) Actuator drivers and control? (Motor control? LED constant current drivers? […]

DipTrace export settings for Dirty PCB

As a follow up to the PCB layout design with DipTrace post, KF5OBS blogged about on  how to set-up DipTrace to export a PCB layout correctly for Dirty PCB: Dirty PCB offers – as the name implies – dirt cheap PCB manufacturing. The trick is a very low profile and a straight-forward system that needs minimum […]

PCB Checklist – What to check before you submit

Baldengineer’s checklist for submitting a PCB to a fab house: Recently I’ve been expanding my retro game collection to include game cartridges imported from Japan. The problem is that I don’t have Japanese game systems (yet). So I’m creating an open source adapter to convert Famicom carts to the NES. Before I submit the PCB to […]

TwinTeeth: The PCB mini-factory

Diyouware TwinTeeth, an open-source PCB mini-factory : It includes the following functions: UV Laser photoengraving on sensitive film or presensitized boards using an ultraviolet laser. Drilling vias and holes using any mini-rotary tool like Dremel® or Proxxon® Dispensing solder paste with precision on SMD PCB pads Plotting circuits with a permanent pen-maker (if you prefer […]

3D BRD viewer, a free tool to visualize CadSoft EAGLE PCB designs in 3D

Peter of Cytec BG writes, “My idea was for pcb designers to be able to quickly, whithout too much hassle, check their board for correct footprints (especially for connectors) and collisions between components. Currently one can change soldermask colors, silkscreen layers, move and rotate components around, change component models and import step files.” For more details visit […]