First release of the Papilio schematic library – draw a custom processor

Drone informs us of Gadget Factory’s first release of the Papilio schematic library: Hello everyone, we have some exciting news today, the first release of the Papilio Schematic Library is ready to go! Ever find that you need just one more serial port, or SPI master, or PWM? Wouldn’t it be nice to add any […]

Emulating an LCD controller with a Papailio

Alex received a monochrome 256×128 LCD with a missing controller chip. The board features 8 Hitachi LCD drivers, but without the controller you have to drive the display by constantly sending data to refresh the picture. After some research he stumbled onto the Hitachi LCD controller driver LSI data book, which gave him enough info […]

Driving an LCD from a broken laptop with an FPGA via the Papilio Plus board

Alex connected up an salvaged laptop LCD to his Papilio Plus FPGA development board. He is designing a pair of boards for easier interface, one is designed as a wing for the dev board, and the other as a breakout for the LCD. They’ll be connected together via an HDMI cable, even though the protocol […]

Camera Wing for Papilio One PCB giveaway at Gadget Factory

Gadget Factory is giving away 8 Papilio One Camera wing PCBs . This can be used with a FPGA and some open VHDL code to display video on a PC. The first 8 people to send an email with a shipping address to will get the free PCB’s! (Note: this is a bare PCB […]

Move pins on the fly on the Papilio FPGA board

Gadget Factory started a weekly series of tutorials for their Papilio FPGA development boards. This week they cover how to move IO pins around and change their assignments. Possibly the most exciting feature of the Papilio is the ability to shift peripheral functionality to any pin at any time, completely on the fly. Shifting SPI […]

Weekly tutorials on the Papilio FPGA development boards

Gadget Factory started a weekly series of tutorials for their Papilio FPGA development boards. First tutorial covers the board’s interface headers. The first topic? How the Papilio Wing Slot scheme works, did you know that you can address the Papilio pins using several different referencing schemes? If you are writing sketches you can address the […]