App note: Noise suppression for wireless headphones

Wireless headphone interference investigation from muRata. Link here Recently, the popularity of wireless headsets has been growing as the number of situations where people “play sports while listening to music” increases. Bluetooth is frequently used for communication between smartphones and headsets. However, audio can skip due to communication errors, so countermeasures are required. This is […]

App note: High-Power backup

App note from Murata on application of Electrical double layer capacitors (EDLCs). Link here (PDF) When you consider backup function in your product, Murata’s supercapacitors (also known as EDLCs, Supercaps) are suitable for backup energy device. Murata’s supercapacitors can discharge in high power up to 10A. Therefore they can cover wide range of backup function […]

App note: Engineering scaling

Scaling large values to be fed on limited input digital meters, application note from Murata. Link here (PDF) It is oftentimes necessary to attenuate “large” input signals down to a level that more closely matches the input range of a selected meter. For example, suppose the signal to be measured is 19 Volts, and the input […]

App note: The LED versus LCD decision

Choosing between two display types, LED and LCD discussed in this application note from Murata. Link here (PDF) Users of contemporary digital panel meters (DPMs) have a variety of options available to them. While options are nice, they invariably mean more choices have to be made. After determining what meter resolution one requires, the next […]

App note: Tracking/Sequence for point-of-load DC/DC converters

Another app note (PDF) for power sequencing from Murata Whereas in the old days, one master switch simultaneously turned on the power for all parts of a system, many modern systems require multiple supply voltages for different on-board sections. Typically the CPU or microcontroller needs 1.8 Volts or lower. Memory (particularly DDR) may use 1.8 […]

App note: Output capacitive load considerations

App note(PDF) from Murata on output capacitors loading when in a switch mode power supply There are numerous factors to consider when adding external capacitors to switched-mode power supplies (SMPS). This article will discuss noise, startup, ESR, stability, pre-bias applications, Sense inputs, On/Off (remote enable) controls and other topics. Many real-world DC/DC applications require external […]

App note: EMC design guidelines

A great guide (PDF) to electromagnetic compatibility from Murata International regulations regarding electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) affect many aspects of circuit and system design. However, there are many techniques that can be applied generally to reduce both the emissions from and susceptibility to, electromagnetic interference (EMI). As a manufacturer of electronic components, Murata Power Solutions is […]