App note: Sensorless speed stabilizer for a DC motor

Precision Microdrives’ sensorless speed sense by exploiting speed dependent back EMF voltage. Link here Motor speed is a parameter of a DC motor that is often measured and controlled, usually through additional sensors and with closed loop feedback. This method of speed control requires some form of speed sensor, normally mounted on the motor shaft. […]

App note: Lifetime of DC vibration motors (MTTF & FIT)

DC vibration motors failure analysis by Precision Microdrives. Link here Reliability is an important consideration for engineers and product designers. It is also very context specific. For example consider a car, which is made from lots of individual components. If the radio antenna should fail, the car still operates. However this is not the case […]

App note: Understanding linear resonant actuator characteristics

Application note about Linear Resonant Actuators from Precision Microdrives. Link here Linear Resonant Actuators (LRAs) are becoming more popular for haptic applications. They are an alternative to eccentric rotating mass vibration motors and have several distinct advantages. For example they have better haptic performance characteristics and are more efficient. For these reasons they are used […]

App note: Driving linear resonance vibration actuators

Linear resonance vibration actuators are great alternative to Eccentric rotating mass (ERM) motors, these are both used to vibrate handheld devices such as cellphones, driving LRAs is not the same as driving ERMs for such that LRA needs a specific resonant frequency. More on these on Precision Microdrives’ link here. Linear Resonance Actuators (LRA) use […]

App note: Mechanical mounting for vibration motors to bulkheads

Vibration motor bulkheads mounting guide from Precision Microdrives. Link here The word bulkhead has a few different meanings, in this context we are using it to represent a large flat surface or sheet. For example, a large metal chute which is carrying materials which are prone to coagulating, may require a vibration motor. This bulletin […]

App note: Mechanical mounting for vibration motors to PCBs

Vibration motor PCB mounting guide from Precision Microdrives. Link here There are many methods for mounting a vibration motor to a Printed Circuit Board (PCB), each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Some techniques are specific to different types of motor. This guide will help you evaluate different mounting methods and perhaps introduce some options […]

App note: Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC / EMI) for Vibe Motors

Here’s an App note from Precision Microdrives on EMI from vibration motors and their Electromagnetic compatibility. Link is here Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is the radiation or induction of electromagnetic noise on a system. DC motors are a common source of EMI, as are most electromagnetic circuit components. They are potential sources of noise and can […]

App note: Measuring RPM from back EMF

Interesting App note from Precision Microdrives on finding RPM using back EMF. Link is here Measuring the speed of a motor can be an important requirement for some applications. For example DC and gearmotors that are moving loads may require close monitoring or adjustment of the output speed. External sensors are typically used for speed […]

App note: Miniature motor driver resource

Here’s a great resources of motor drivers from Precision Microdrives. Link is here. Whilst most DC motors are essentially driven with the same principle (by applying a DC voltage), these chips boast a host of different features. Some accept analogue inputs, others PWM or I2C, H-bridges will enable you to easily change the direction of […]

App note: Advanced vibration alerting waveforms

Here’s an app note from Precision Microdrives on different techniques of motor vibration that can be used as haptic feedback. Link can be found here Advanced signal waveforms are predominantly used in haptic feedback, but in fact the effects of simple vibration alerting can be greatly improved with relative ease. With vibration alerting the output […]