DIY active differential probe characterization

An 1GHz active differential probe project by Daniel Kramnik: This project was an ultra high input impedance (0.5pF||30MΩ or better) high bandwidth differential oscilloscope probe designed, built, and revised over the course of two weekends for the 2014 MakeMIT hardware hackathon. It can be built for about $30 in parts, plus the cost of etching or sending […]

+/-12V dual power supply

A power supply build by Rajkumar of Electronics Lab: This project is a solution to power up most of devices or projects requiring dual (+/-12V) power supply. Symmetric +/-12 VDC power supply has been designed for audio applications, can power up microphone pre-amplifier, audio buffers, audio mixer, distributions amplifier, headphone amplifier, VU meter and few o other […]

Open source Android thermostat project

Android Thermostat, an open source DIY home thermostat project based on Android: Android Thermostat is an open source thermostat project ideal for programmers and electronics hobbyists. As the name suggests the application runs on Android phone that is connected to some basic electronic components for controlling your home HVAC system.It costs around $140 to build […]

Arduino based waveform generator

  Hemal Chevli made this Arduino based waveform generator.  He wrote a post on his blog detailing its assembly: Finally, after sitting in the TODO list for a long time, I’ve made a basic wavefrom generator based on arduino, made using  this instructable as reference. I had an enclosure laying around which has incorrect dimensions for […]

Hakko T12 soldering controller

Diogoc shared his Hakko T12 soldering controller in the project log forum: I finally finished my Hakko T12 soldering controller. Thanks to sparkybg and arhi for all help and sugestions. Some features of the controller: – 3310 graphic display – rotary encoder for easy and fast temperature selection – sleep mode when the iron is in the […]