Simpleceiver Plus version 2 SSB transceiver

An update on Pete Juliano’s (N6QW) Simpleceiver project we covered previously: Version 2 — What is it? V2.0 is the Simpleceiver Plus SSB Transceiver Architecture with the following changes: A GRQP Club 9.0 MHz Crystal Filter is used in place of the homebrew 12.096 Four Pole Filter. This gives the advantage of acquiring the matching […]

Telecine film digitisation

spanner888  writes: Finally got prototype working and have captured over 90,000 frames with promising results. Noticed along the way that SMD component tapes fit the 16mm film sprocket really well, so there is food for thought! Documenting an outline of build and all the useful stuff from around the web that helped me out on […]

Eidos sensory perception enhancing masks

Here’s a cool Eidos sensory augmentation device designed by Tim Bouckley, Millie Clive-Smith, Mi Eun Kim and Yuta Sugawara that lets you fine-tune your sight and hearing: A group of students from the Royal College of Art in London has developed headsets that allow the wearer to adjust their sight and hearing in the same way they’d […]