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  1. Hello,

    This power supply was built about 6 months ago.
    I connected an ATX breakout from dangerousprototypes to an old ATX power supply to be able to power-on it and have easy access to outputs. I replaced reseteable fuses with bigger ones.
    I put cheap amp-meters to be able to measure current in -5V, 3V3, 5V, 12V outputs.

    On the right hand-side you can see an adjustable output voltage with selectable current limit I bought on ebay.

    And on the left hand-side there is a -48V output provided by a tiny dedicated power supply I put in remaining space inside the box.

    If you want more details you can contact me on twitter.

  2. What resettable fuses did you use? 1.2A is a little low imo, I was hoping 3A but the 3A ones I found have a 50 ohm resistance which is not good for this imo.

    1. I’m thinking separate paths. Most MCU boards will use little power so the basic 1.2A line will be fine, then I might want a separate power path for servos etc. (usually when I pull power from a molex from a PC I use 1.1A SMD PTC fuses myself, plus a biggish Schottky.)

      Anyway, I am looking at my data sheets, and a leaded MC33163 from Multicomp (via Farnell) with a 3A hold current is specified as 0.02ohm to 0.08ohm. How did you manage 50ohm?

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