Bus Pirate development week – day 1

This week is dedicated to Bus Pirate development. We’re cleaning up firmware v6 and getting ready for a final release. Today we documented the development process to help any prospective developers find their way around the Bus Pirate source. In the video:

  • Compile the Bus Pirate firmware
  • Basic work with SVN
  • Soldering a demo board with bonus editorial on on 1-Wire
  • Reading a DS1822 1-Wire thermometer

Here’s some links mentioned in the video:

Grab the latest v6 firmware release candidate here.

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  1. Hey Ian;
    I watched the video, nice job.
    Have you thought of offering the BP along with the latest Demo Board as a package?

    I learned a lot from your video.

    Mick M

    1. That is one goal. I’d like to offer a big Bus Pirate everything kit with all adapters and accessories, a case, a carrying case, maybe a breadboard too.

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