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  1. argghhh, this would have been great for the xQFP protoboard i got from the drawer, that i just kinda ruined by lifting the soldering pads on the xQFP breakout section (also ruined the microcontroller).

    1. These are desoldered from various pcb. Most of them are from telecom devices and don’t have a (usable) datasheet.

      You can use them to flex your SMD solderskills without killing/burning a 100+$ working chip.

      1. Would you tell us a little more please? I think it is great when stuff gets re-used rather than going into a landfill, are you re-cycling those telecom devices for parts? Perhaps you could do a blog post on this?

  2. What should a beginner solder SMD chips to for practice?

    Which distributor is giving the chips away?

    1. no distributor is giving this away. I have desoldered these from scrape boards, and didn’t found a datasheet or use for the chip. Instead of throwing away someone could use them to practise soldering chips (instead of destroying valuable chips)

      For beginners SOIC and 0805 passives are pretty much do-able with a standard iron, after some practice smaller is very good doable (using finer tip irons)

  3. I would love to see some kind of spread sheet/data base for chips/devices that are removed from cell phones, computers, etc.
    Any info would help. I have started a “small” listing of what I have been able to find from what I have removed from old cell phones.

  4. So…what am I supposed to solder the chips to? The xQFP breakout boards? I don’t have a board designed for those chips so what do I solder them to?

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