Laser arm

Facelesstech published a new build: So some time last year I ordered one of those servo 2 axes (pan and tilt torret) arm kits from aliexpress. It was fun to play with but I didn’t quite find a reason to use it in a project. Then I seen this project on hackaday and a light bulb went off […]

Ultimate classic game console joystick to USB adapter

Matthew Heironimus posted a step by step guide of his “ultimate” classic game console joystick to USB adapter build: This article describes how to use an Arduino Leonardo or Arduino Micro to make up to three classic console joysticks (e.g. Atari 2600, ColecoVision, and possibly others) available to a modern computer (e.g. Windows PC, Mac, or […]

Classic joystick to USB adaptor

MatthewH wrote this instructables describing how to use an Arduino Leonardo (or similar) card to make your classic console joystick look like a USB keyboard: If you grew up in the early 1980’s and were into video games, you probably had an Atari 2600, ColecoVision, or similar game console. The controllers or joysticks for each […]

MakeyMakey from Dirty PCBs

TomKeddie writes: MaKeyMaKey was a very successful Kickstarter from some smart guys at MIT. It uses capacitive touch to stimulate USB HID devices using a Arduino Leonardo compatible programming environment. We ran a workshop at VHS in Vancouver Canada in July 2014 building these using PCBs from Dirty PCBs. The design is open hardware, the […]

Giveaway: LeoStick winners

Today we announce the winners of the LeoStick contest. Freetronics’ new LeoStick is an Arduino Leonardo compatible USB board. It’s a simple breakout for the ATmega32U4 microcontroller in small USB stick shape. It has 2 RGB LEDs and a buzzer on-board for experimenting. There were lots of great ideas for projects based on the LeoStick, […]

Vinciduino: an open hardware Arduino Leonardo clone

alb calls our attention to the Vinciduino open hardware project. “Vinciduino is a free open platform developed by members of the Spanish arduino forum. The board has been developed to be compatible with Arduino boards and has the same form factor of the Arduino Pro from Sparkfun. The main difference is that it supports the […]

Atmel and Arduino Collaborate on AVR and ARM-based Development Platforms

Atmel and Arduino have announced a cooperative effort to produce three new AVR and ARM-based dev platforms debuting at the Atmel-sponsored Arduino Pavilion at Maker Faire located in Queens, New York, September 17 and 18, 2011. According to Atmel’s press release: Atmel and Arduino will be demonstrating several platforms in the Atmel-sponsored Arduino Pavilion including: […]