Giveaway: LeoStick winners

Today we announce the winners of the LeoStick contest. Freetronics’ new LeoStick is an Arduino Leonardo compatible USB board. It’s a simple breakout for the ATmega32U4 microcontroller in small USB stick shape. It has 2 RGB LEDs and a buzzer on-board for experimenting.

There were lots of great ideas for projects based on the LeoStick, thanks for your submissions.

Congratulations to Fractal, his Bike light “contrologger” idea scored him a LeoStick:

It’s a pretty small device, and fairly low power too. I’d put on a LCD, eeprom, accelerometer, battery, and hall effect sensor(or reed switch) and mount it on a bike.
Bike light contrologger. (totally should be a word)
Can show your relative speed on the RBG LED ‘at a glance’. It could also drive bright side blinkers, to make turn signals clear to other traffic, controlled by a thumb switch. The accelerometer would also detect braking (or a microswitch), and flick on a brighter brake light. When done, simply plug into your computer to upload that day’s stats. If you’re feeling fancy, a GPS could even log your daily route, and ADCs could measure pots on the brake levers and gear controllers. Box would be pretty small, really, and plug in via a locking plug to prevent falling out. End result- pretty graphs.

Cubeberg’s music controlled fireworks wins a LeoStick:

PC Controlled fireworks display! A little programming and you could sync it to music!

Another winner is Pesse’s drink making machine:

I´m trying to build a drink making machine with some friends, right now we are trying some methods for dispensing the liqueds, but this would be perfect for the brain part of the project…

Yancheelo scores the last license for a LeoStick:

LeoStick would be perfect to implement a very simple project that I have in mind: controlling the scrolling of the current active window with a simple movement of the hand. A proximity sensor is connected to LeoStick which will scroll down the page if the hand is moving towards the sensor, or scroll up if the hand is moving away from the sensor.

We would love to know what becomes of these projects so please share them with us in the forum or via the contact form.

Thanks to Freetronics for supplying the free swag.

Thank you for participating, there were a bunch of great ideas.

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