Power a microcontroller with frickin laser beams

A cheap laser pointer shining into an LED can create small voltages, the photovoltaic effect. Wardy uses it to power an ultra low power ATTiny5 microcontroller: I may have raised an eyebrow slightly to see 2.50V appear on the screen.  Hmmmmmm.  I had been expecting something like 0.25V or something in that region, based on […]

Laser cut acrylic case for Bus Pirate v4

Here’s another cool laser cut acrylic case for the Bus Pirate. It’s made out of 4 layers of 2mm transparent acrylic. The inner two layers simultaneously act as standoffs and as an edge to the enclosure. The SVG source files are available if anyone wants to laser cut his design. I designed a laser cut […]

Print nanometer precision 3D objects at high speed

Researchers at the Vienna University of Technology developed a process to speed up high precision 3D printing. A focused laser beam cures resin and develops a hard object just a few hundred nanometers wide. This method is well known, but what sets this printer apart is the new control mechanisms for the mirrors that focus […]

Laser Position Sensor

Joe Grand of Grand Idea Studio has released the code and complete design files for his open source Laser Position Sensor (LPS) project. The project is based on the Freescale MC9S08JM8CLC and several Linear Technology LT1491ACS op amps. (Despite the references to Parallax in the LPS project documentation, this device is an open source project […]