BeagleBone Black and MSP430 based Wireless Sensing

Chirag Nagpal¬†created prototype of a Wireless sensing system using MSP430, BeagleBone Black and XBee: I have developed a Wireless Sensing System using an MSP430 microcontroller based node, powered by 2 AA batteries, relaying data to a BeagleBone Black using XBee. The BeagleBone is then hosting a javascript based webpage graphing these values using processing.js. The […]

Wireless voice-controllable smart home project

Wireless voice-controllable smart home project by Jiayuan Wang and Sheng Zhang from Cornell University, built as a final project: There are two CPU in our project, ATmega328 and ATmega1284. We set up the wireless communication by two Xbee chips. One of them connects with ATmega328 working as the transmitter to transmit the signal, another one […]

Corpsman Up vitals monitor using Propeller chip

Here’s a project for remote monitoring of heart rate (and potentially other medical/sensor info) using Propeller chips and XBee modules. Nick Ernst has published his plans and code for the Corpsman Up Vitals Monitoring System on the Parallax website. The system consists of two units: a base which is equipped with a Parallax Propeller MCU […]

Wireless home energy monitor

Here is a project that allows you to keep track of your household power consumption over a wireless connection. Jone’s energy monitor project counts electricity meter‘s indicator pulses, which the electrical distribution company uses to bill you. Once it reads 5 minutes worth of consumption data, it is broadcast to a web server over a […]

Digi releases WiFi Xbee modules

Digi has announced the release of a WiFi version of the popular Xbee modules. They share a common XBee footprint with previous Xbee modules, and provide flexible SPI and UART serial interfaces. The product release sheet, getting started guide and other docs are available from the Digi docs page. Several models are available, including with […]

Wireless networked AT keyboard

Creative technology student Pieter Pelt and Hybrid Worlds present this project detailing how to connect an old AT style computer keyboard to a PC via Arduino and Xbee modules and using the Teensy PS2Keyboard library. Using Xbee allows for keyboards which are not only wireless, but also networked so that several keyboards can be meshed […]