#twatch backlight control from Python


It looks like the #twatch is starting to arrive worldwide. WA5ZNU received a #twatch and wrote a Python script to control the backlight. You can use this thread to discuss your #twatch unboxing experience.

There’s still a few #twatches at Seeed Studio for immediate delivery, $45 including LCD and worldwide shipping.

Here’s another way to turn on the backlight.

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  1. Just opened mine, up found a power supply for it in a box of junk we keep laying around at work.

    Device works great with the exception of the back-light not being on by default. I also wish there was a way to filter out tweets that are not in a specific language.

    Overall I am quite happy with my new toy!

  2. Hi John – I’m glad you like your #twatch.

    I used a cheap ‘eBay’ green/black display for the prototype, Seeed used a ‘fancier’ blue/white screen. The cheap black kind don’t always need the backlight, but it sounds like it would be better if the backlight was always on for the blue/white variety. I’ll release a new firmware that has an always-on backlight ASAP.

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