Black Hat 2013 video – build of an Android SpyPhone app

Ever wonder what it would take to code up an Android based spyphone app? In this presentation from the BlackHat 2013 conference, Kevin McNamee outlines his build of an Android SpyPhone service that can be injected into any application. “The presentation includes a live demonstration of how phones can be tracked and operated from a […]

BlackHat 2013 video: rooting SIM cards

Karsten Nohl gave this presentation at the 2013 BlackHat conference in Las Vegas. “The protection pretense of SIM cards is based on the understanding that they have never been exploited. This talk ends this myth of unbreakable SIM cards and illustrates that the cards — like any other computing system — are plagued by implementation […]

Blackhat presentation slides: Android master key

Bluebox CTO, Jeff Forristal’s presentation slide package entitled “Android: One Root to Own Them All” about his research that uncovered the Android Master Key is now available. This presentation is a case study showcasing the technical details of Android security bug 8219321, disclosed to Google in February 2013. The vulnerability involves discrepancies in how Android […]

CreepyDOL WiFi surveillance project debuts at Blackhat/DEFCON

CreepyDOL, the Creepy Digital Object Locator, is a distributed tracking system that uses low-cost hardware sensors, a robust communications system, and simple observation to give near-real-time identification of humans and tracking capabilities to anyone. It’s goal is to develop hardware and software for passive surveillance of WiFi data and draw inferences regarding human behavior therefrom. […]