Reverse engineering a wireless soil moisture sensor

Ray Wang at Rayshobby has been working on reverse engineering a wireless soil moisture sensor. He writes, “At the Maker Faire this year I got lots of questions about soil moisture, which I knew little about. Recently I started learning about how to build my own soil sensor, and came across this cheap 433MHz wirelss […]

ZaCon badge development log

ZaCon is a community driven infosec conference held at the Kingsway Campus of the University of Johannesburg, South Africa. Andrew Nohawk developed the ZaCon V badge using an Arduino and RF components. He provides a detailed chronicle of his design and development process in this post. He explains, “For ZaCon V I built some electronic […]

Receiving Oregon Scientific sensors with RTL-SDR

Kevin Mehall got his RTL-SDR dongle and wasted no time in developing a decoder using GNU Radio for the 433MHz transmissions of Oregon Scientific remote temperature sensors (v1 protocol). These devices transmit on 433.9 MHz sending data packets containing the temperature data every 30 seconds. The transmitter uses On-off keying and the 32 data bits […]