Amateur radio TV beacon inside CCTV case

András Veres-Szentkirályi write about an interesting project

The Budapest hackerspace ( did some joint work with a local ham radio club and created an SSTV beacon housed inside a CCTV case that takes an image of its environment and transmits it using slow-scan television over ham bands. There’s currently one experimental device installed, and since all the plans, schematics and source code is available, we hope that others will join ranks. It’s fun to see live imagery transmitted by autonomous off-the-grid devices, and it’s also a way to attract people to embedded development and ham radio. On the other hand beacons not only make testing receivers easier, but help the ham radio community to defend their bands, as it provides regular traffic on the frequency.

Information about the build can be found on the group’s Wiki page, and the photos when collected will be displayed on Dropbox.

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  1. Dear Sir

    can i buy your Amateur radio TV beacon inside CCTV project for more development?


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