Laser cut case for the Logic Sniffer and the Buffer Wing

PariahZero laser cut some black Delrin plastic to build a case for the Logic Sniffer. He also designed a detachable case for the Buffer Wing. If you are interested in the source SVG files for laser cutting, contact him in the forum.

I’ve used laser-cut 0.125″ black Delrin plastic; I felt the extra strength (vs. acrylic) provided by Delrin was worth giving up transparency. As Delrin is notoriously difficult to glue, I haven’t attempted to glue anything to cover the reset & update holes.

See our case video from a few weeks ago, and even more awesome DIY cases.

Get a Logic Sniffer for $50, with free worldwide shipping.

Via the forum.

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  1. I know this is not exactly on toppic, but would there be a way to add an externall SRAM Chip instead of the buffer wing?

    1. If you want an SRAM wing, then try to design the PCB with the same dimensions as the buffer wing. That way, this Delrin plastic case will still fit. As Ian hints, an SRAM won’t be practical, and that’s because it would require you to write vastly different FPGA code for the Logic Sniffer.

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