Advertising: Make update

Of the three publications we initially targeted for advertising, Make was the only one that doesn’t publish their rates online. We contacted them and got a price sheet.

When we opened the Make ad rate PDF in Acrobat the embedded font wouldn’t display, but despite the totally garbled text (seen above) we could already tell it wasn’t cheap. We had to upload the PDF to Google Docs and view it there.

Make’s cheapest ads are a budget-busting $6000 for a half-page, and $1950 for something called a ‘direct response marketplace 1/4 page’. Advertising in Make is out of the range of our $1000 budget.

Elektor was mentioned in the comments of the previous post. Circuit Cellar emailed about a cross-promotional advertising deal between the two magazines. We’ll share any additional info.

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  1. How about Nut’s and Volts? They target the same DIY hobbyist market?

    I have no idea about their rates, of course, but love the mag.


    1. Yup, nuts and volts has really reasonable advertising rates, we covered them in our last post. We will definitely be advertising there.

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