Hardware (design) will cut you

Amanda gave a Toorcon talk about the about the perils of the electronics design process.
The hardware design process is fraught with pitfalls, from library component sketchiness, parts availability, erroneous data sheets, underestimates of complexity and long lead times. Designing good hardware on time, on budget and to specifications is like being in a knife fight. Hardware will cut you. I will present my methods for managing blood loss in the hardware design and production arena.

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  1. Cool, some useful and interesting stuff in there.
    The url on the 20th slide seems to be dead though, or is it me?

  2. Here is a working version of the MIT URL (design files):


    And much more about ninja badges @ninjas.org:


    Amanda’s talk is the most comprehensive and practical introductory presentation on the electronic design process and the involuntarily sheer endless pitfalls associated with it I have seen so far … a must see for beginners and experienced designers alike.

    She blasts her experience at you and shows practical ways how to stay on track … it’s so intense you may have to watch it a couple of times to catch every detail … incredibly vivid!

  3. http://blip.tv/file/4303257:

    She really needs to work on her communication skills more……
    If it was the first time someone wanted to know about the process, then the chances of picking up any real information would be quite low, even though she is actually quite knowledgeable.

    As for the badges… they panicked, should have setup a production line, glued/masked the SMT hand stuffed the LED’s in 1 person 1 position of the LED display, (it is actually slower to have 1 person stuff 10 led positions, than to have 10 people stuff 1 each)
    then using a cheap cooking hotplate and a metal tray with solder in, dip soldered the suckers, followed by ‘cleanup’ and testing.

    They were really lucky with the way they did it.

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