Parts! November 2010

Posted on Monday, November 1st, 2010 in kit biz by Ian

A box of parts arrived from Mouser today. We’re not affiliated with them in any way, just sharing our excitement over a big box of parts.

Product Detail
Order Qty.
3 0,36
10 0,157
10 0,124
Mouser #: 579-93C46B-I/SN
Mfr. #: 93C46B-I/SN
Desc.: EEPROM 64×16
4 0,215
2 0,47
2 1,57
10 1,09
10 0,28
10 0,165
10 0,041
100 0,05
100 0,058
100 0,008
20 0,546
10 0,59
20 0,206
100 0,034
100 0,037
100 0,039
100 0,017
100 0,008
10 0,302
100 0,017
100 0,017
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5 Responses to “Parts! November 2010”

  1. mnlgarbe says:

    I love unbox a big box of fresh parts

  2. haley says:

    what’s with the accelerometers and the analog switches there?
    something new cooking in the kitchen?

  3. emusan says:

    looks to be a lot of C-4, are you guys getting into explosives by chance? ;)

  4. chrismec says:

    I love Mouser. Where I live I get the parts the next day with ground shipping!

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