Props to Open Source Control Systems

Tec has great things to say about Open Source Control Systems, one of our newest distributors:

I got my BusPirate from Seeed and it’s great, but when I went to use it I realized I was short both grabbers and nifty colored cable to make the probes, so I went to order one online.  The Seeed guys rock, but since Open Source Control Systems were in apparently, FL (it’s hard to tell from their site) I decided to give it a shot.  It’s just a cable, and shipping from Mars takes a bit, so I was hoping to speed things up and took a chance.

So just for the record, holy crap! They got it here so fast (props to the USPS too) I didn’t know what the package was!  :-O   When I opened it it was like, “wtf? They couldn’t possibly have shipped it already?”

They moved so fast it’s unreasonable, and certainly unsustainable.  But wanted to give them a shout for rocking that hard.

Thanks Tec!

Get your own handy Bus Pirate from our friendly distributor Open Source Control Systems. Every purchase helps support this open source project.

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