Hack your Valentine with HeartThrob

A geek love by Boris Landoni: Hack your Valentine with HeartThrob Today we present the perfect Valentine gadget: just shake it and it will turn on and crate incredible light animations. That will be cool for sure! We know that, as it’s Valentine’s Day, looking at the device described in this post you’ll be inclined to […]

Numato Mega New Year give away 2014 – Grab your surprise gift

Tom over at Numato writes,  “This year we are calling all electronics enthusiasts to join this event and grab their free gift. Gifts ranging from SMD adapters to FPGA boards. More details at www.numato.cc” This is the happiest time of the year for sure. Christmas is around the corner, New Year 2014 is fast approaching. And one […]

Digitstump’s Black Friday sale

Ihsan informs us of Digitstump’s Black Friday sale: We are pleased to announce that Digistump.com will be offering some amazing deals for Black Friday thru Cyber Monday – while we can’t compete with the big stores, because we don’t have 2-3x mark-up like they do, we hope these deals will help you buy engaging, educational, electronic gifts […]

Propeller Halloween pumpkin project

This project uses a Parallax Propeller Project board with microSD card attached, PIR sensor, LM386 Audio Amp, IRL520 FET and associated discrete components to make an animated Halloween prop. The PIR inside the pumpkin senses motion and when triggered it plays a WAV file from a microSD Card while flashing an internal light, causing an […]

Open source Halloween LED projects

Eric Thompson of Lowvoltagelabs. sends in these two Open Source Hardware projects for Halloween: I thought October might be a good time to share a couple Halloween related circuit boards that I have designed. Both of them were designed using KiCAD and I have released them as open source hardware so people can make their […]

Another geek love: Valentine’s Day flowers with LEDs

Want to make your loved ones feel extra special with your handmade Valentine’s Day flowers? Nowait shows you how to make inexpensive electronic flowers: Long story short, I get alot of stick for not buying flowers (I think they are a waste of money) so I decided that I was going to make some that would […]

Twelve Pi’s of Christmas R-Pi charity auction

The Raspberry Pi crew is in the midst of a charity auction event dubbed the Twelve Pi’s of Christmas. The R-Pi crew explains: Last year, we auctioned the very first Raspberry Pi Model Bs to come off the line to raise money for the Raspberry Pi Foundation. We’re doing the same this year, but instead […]