Seeed Studio’s Annual Big Sale Holiday: Seeeday!

Huge saving @ Seeeday! Collect Seeeday coupons for $0 shopping: Seeeday comes from word “Seeed Day”. It is Seeedstudio’s special sale holiday, and it is a one day only event that takes place on the second Wednesday of December every year. It will be on December 9th this year. We offer screaming deals on various items […]

Seeed Studio: Free shipping on this CNY holiday!

Free shipping on this CNY holiday at Seeed Studio: This is a notification that let you know we are going to Chinese New Year holiday soon. Yeah….Happy Chinese New Year! The holiday start on : 2/14/2015 ~ 2/25/2015 (UTC+8) 24/7 Online Store, if you place an order(Fusion service included) during the holidays, you can enjoy: 1) […]

Twistmas Tree

Marisa tipped us to another interactive Christmas tree that uses Twitter. Alpay Kasal’s Twistmas Tree uses Processing to scrape Twitter search results for keywords. Ornaments with holiday keywords blink when new search results are found. A netbook running Processing with Twitter4J is used for performing searches of predetermined holiday words and generates a queue of […]