Wireless voice-controllable smart home project


Wireless voice-controllable smart home project by Jiayuan Wang and Sheng Zhang from Cornell University, built as a final project:

There are two CPU in our project, ATmega328 and ATmega1284. We set up the wireless communication by two Xbee chips. One of them connects with ATmega328 working as the transmitter to transmit the signal, another one is connected with ATmega1284 to be the receiver. We pick up ATmega328 to be our transmitter part because there is a microphone on it which could receive and store the voice signal from people. When people say the voice instruction, microphone gets it first and then ATmega328 receive it. By the program controlling, ATmega328 will send the signal to transmitter Xbee. When the Xbee is enabled, it will send the corresponding signal to the receiver Xbee by the different voice instructions. When the wireless communication set up successfully, it will send instructions for ATmega1284.

Via Hacked Gadgets.

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  1. Respect sir / madam
    I am sivaraj from Hosur.i am current pursuring B.E in the fields of ECE.now i am doing my final year project sir.i am selected for your project wireless voice -controllable smart home system. i have abstract,clear explaination about that project. i have some doubt for that project sir.please send ieee format for that project sir…please give me your phone number.and also guide me..

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