App note: Automobile harness protection

Polyswitch fuse use in automobile, app note from Littelfuse. Link here (PDF) A vehicle’s ideal harness scheme has a hierarchal, tree-like structure with main power “trunks” dividing into smaller “branches,” with overcurrent protection at each node. This architecture allows the use of smaller, space-saving wires that can reduce weight and cost. It also optimizes system […]

App note: Automatic AC line voltage selector

Implementation of automatic AC line voltage selector, App note from Littelfuse. Link here (PDF) In some cases, appliances and equipment are able to operate when supplies by two different levels of AC line voltage to their main terminals (10V or 240V). This is why, it is very common that appliances and equipment have mechanical selectors […]

App note: Designing reliable drones using proper circuit protection

Littelfuse’s application note on drone circuitry protection, offering guard against overcharging its batteries, I/O and ESD protection. Link here (PDF) No doubt “pilot losing control” is behind many drone incidents and crashes. But what’s behind that “loss of control?” After all, even small recreational drones depend on a host of subsystems – GPS, receiver antennae, […]

App note: Magnetic sensors’ and reed switches’ capacitive Loads

An application note from Littelfuse on peak current considerations when reed switches and magnetic sensors are handling capacitive loads. Link here (PDF) When there is significant capacitance in a reed sensor, reed relay or reed switch circuit, the peak current and energy switched by the reed contacts should be considered. However, if the capacitance is […]

App note: Flow sensing in tankless water heaters

Contactless reed switches from Littelfuse provides flow and water presence monitoring. Link here (PDF) Reed switches and sensors are highly effective solutions for flow sensing applications that can be used for detecting the presence of fluid flow in a system or even measure the rate of fluid flow. Tankless water heaters are becoming a widely […]

App note: Enhancing workplace safety in hazardous locations with PICO® 259-UL913 intrinsically safe fuse

Application note from Littelfuse about their (IS) intrinsically safe fuse which doesn’t produce sufficient heat that could trigger sparks which are dangerous in an explosive environment. Link here (PDF) Gases, petroleum products, and airborne dusts tend, by their very nature, to be explosive if sources of sparks or excess heat are present. Over the years, […]

App note: Controlling LED lighting using triacs and quadracs

Solid State device and circuits for controlling LEDs lighting, replacing conventional incandescent lamps, an App note from Littlefuse. Link here (PDF) Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are fast becoming the most popular lighting option. Industry forecasts anticipate the market will continue to expand at an annual rate of 20% from 2011 to 2016, with the greatest […]

App note: Automotive circuit protection using Littelfuse automotive TVS diodes

An interesting app note from Littelfuse about automotive circuit protection but also discusses about where transients came from in an automotive setup. Link here (PDF) The designers of automotive electronics face many technical challenges during the system design process, including designing methods of protection against a variety of electrical hazards. The three major sources of […]

App note: Combining GDTs and MOVs for surge protection of AC power lines

Another circuit protection from power surges/spikes application note from Littelfuse. Link here (PDF) AC power line disturbances are the cause of many equipment failures. The damage can be as elusive as occasional data crashes or as dramatic as the destruction of a power supply, computer terminal, or television set. Power line disturbances go by many […]

App note: Circuit protection for Lithium-Ion and lithium polymer rechargeable battery applications

Adding secondary circuit protection to ensure safety when using Lithium-Ion and Lithium polymer batteries discussed in this app note from Littelfuse. Link here (PDF) The introduction of portable devices with advanced features and the demand for longer run times and has resulted in innovations in the battery technologies used for portable applications. The latest generation […]

App note: Transient suppression devices and principles

App note from Littlefuse on how do transient suppression devices protect electronic circuits. Link here (PDF) There are two major categories of transient suppressors: a) those that attenuate transients, thus preventing their propagation into the sensitive circuit; and b) those that divert transients away from sensitive loads and so limit the residual voltages. Attenuating a […]

App note: An overview of electromagnetic and lightning induced voltage transients

Application note from Littelfuse on sources of transient voltages that can induced in electronic circuits. Link here (PDF) This Note is an overview of the sources and nature of various transient overvoltages, and the problems that may result. Transients in electrical circuits result from the sudden release of previously stored energy. This energy can be […]