Drag soldering tips for Hakko 900M series and compatibles

A few weeks ago we wrote about hollowed-out chisel tips, and how good they are for drag soldering. Unfortunately they are either hard to find, or made only for expensive soldering irons. There also seem to be some patent disputes that keep them out of the US market for most major brands.

Recently we were tipped off to some Plato branded wave soldering tips that fit on Hakko 900M series soldering irons. These irons are widely cloned and are available almost anywhere. They go under various names like Quick, Gordak, Aoyue, Bakku, etc., usually there is a 936 designation in the name as well.

Via the comments.

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  1. Ian:

    Maybe someone from the Tokyo hacker space that you met while you where there would be willing to do a mailing of welltips to the USA and Europe??

    1. Tips for the FX-888 also fit:

      Hakko FX-888 Soldering Station
      Hakko 913 ESD Safe Fume Extraction Iron (Requires a Fume Extraction System)
      Hakko 907 Soldering Iron
      Hakko 907-ESD Soldering Iron
      Hakko 900M Soldering Iron
      Hakko 900M-ESD Soldering Iron
      Hakko 928 Soldering Station
      Hakko 936 Soldering Station
      Hakko 936-ESD Soldering Station
      Hakko 937 Soldering Station
      Hakko 703 Soldering Station

      I bought some 900M tips at Fry’s and they fit and worked fine in my FX-888 and also some in the store said they work with FX-888 when on the website same item didn’t list it. I suspect the FX-888 is fairly new.

      From the PDF:
      Plato® Tips to fit Hakko® 702, 703, 703B, 926, 927, 928, 933, 936, 937 Soldering Stations with Handpiece M926, 900M or 907 ESD, and
      O.K. Industries® SA1000 Station with SAI-640 Handpiece.

  2. I use 4C, it is a really big tip but I can use the very tip to just cover 2 pins, sometimes even 1. It holds the solder better and keeps the heat waaay better than the original conical tip.

    PS: I am from Tokyo HackerSpace :)

  3. These tips are designated CM or BCM by hako not C….3C and 4C tips are only beveled, these have a hollowed out section on the tip, much better for drag soldering. Also for drag soldering you need the tip to touch 3-4 pins, that way it can suck up excess solder easily

    1. There does seem to be a bit of confusion here, maybe some links will help.

      Like Filip says, the CM/BCM tips are the drag soldering tips in question, a “bevel” tip with a “well” in the end.

      T18-CXX and T18-BCXX (no ‘M’ in the model number) are “bevel” tips only, without a well, and T18-BCFXX and T18-CFXX are also just “bevel” tips, with less of a pre-tinned surface. Hakko says they’re still good enough for drag-soldering (movie), but they don’t have the magic “well” (movie). On the other hand, you can get these well-less tips anywhere, even Amazon and SparkFun.

      Hakko does not sell any CM/BCM-style tip as part of the T18 series of tips. They do have the well tips as part of their 900M-series, but the CM/BCM tip shape is explicitly unavailable in the US.

      Hakko’s 900M series and T18 series of tips appear to be interchangeable, and it appears they’ve simply renamed the 900M series into “T18” with the introduction of the FX-888. Many of the T18-XXX tips carry the note “NOTE: This tip replaces part number 900M-T-XXX” in Hakko’s store. So it’s likely that 900M-series CM/BCM tips will work just fine in an FX-888, even though they predate it. However, the 900M-series does not explicitly list FX-888 compatibility. They should, of course, be compatible with any 936-clone.

      A Costa Rican company(?), Plato, makes a line of 900M-compatible tips, including CM and BCM-clones, which are sold in the US. Again, they don’t explicitly list the FX-888 as compatible, but it probably is, and again they should work on clones just fine.

      The “Plato SMD Flow Tip” model numbers are HS-0530 for the CM-style (“beveled column”) tip, and HS-0531 for the BCM-style (“beveled cone”) tip. Techspray has a PDF catalog of Plato tip drawings at http://www.platoproducts.com/download-tds-document.php?pId=132 .

      1. frickin’ flyin’ f–k, my once-every-two-years Mouser order shipped yesterday.

        [And they’re down to 20, so three sold in four days already, so clearly the DPers have already been working their HTTP POST magic at http://www.mouser.com:80%5D

    1. In Australia you can pickup the M series tips but made by Thermaltronics from Chemtools out Penrith way, about $4.90ea +. The brouchure they sent me has Hakko, Plato and Vanier equivalent part numbers. The claim these are better quality than the original Hakko’s which would certainly be no mean feat. Not sure if they have the ‘well’ type, but you could ask.

  4. anyone else in Sydney planning on doing a mouser order? I wouldn’t mind getting some of these well tips but the shipping is $30, more than three times the price of a single tip! If someone else wants to split shipping, I’m all up for it.

  5. @AdamC – Have you considered grabbing some of the Thermaltronics ones instead? Supposed to be high quality and they in outer Sydney. I have no affliation and have not used them, but they claim to be higher quality than the originals and for around $5 a pop+freight, might be worth a try, especially if you live out west.

    1. @sleepwalker I saw your post about them and checked the website, but it doesn’t seem like they have the tips with the well/reservoir. The prices are very good though, I’ll definitely give them a try over mektronics.com.au which charge $8.21 per tip. I just wish there was a website where we could sign up for group buys for places like digikey and mouser, the shipping is always minimum $30, no matter how small your components are!

      1. Sounds like a good outreach opportunity for the local hackerspace — coordination of group buy activities.

  6. @Adam C – yes I know what you mean, though I don’t know that a pool would be much good unless the other people were within pickup distance or the item was very small/light, as Aust. Post interstate charges are not cheap these days. Mouser stuff you can get through X-ON in WA, though it may only be for account customers, not sure. If I need anything from those, or see somebody that does, I’ll let you know.

    I suggest you give chemtools a call and ask them about the ‘well’ tips, they may keep them, the site search is pretty poor on that site. Myself I think those wave / well tips are a bit overrated and not really necessary, I’ve done tons of SMD with the bog standard Hakko tip, including massive fine pitch QFP’s and only once had a minor issue (and I was inexperienced at the time).

  7. @tremodian

    thanks for the tip (pun intended ;-), I just ordered one of the H900M-T-3CM from Oritech, with free shipping in Australia! I’ll post an update here once I receive it.

    1. I received my H900M-T-3CM solder tip from Oritech a few weeks ago and it’s the real deal, thanks for the information! The only thing to be careful about is that when you receive the solder tip, it looks like a regular bevel tip, with no concave or indentation. You’ve gotta heat it up first, since it ships with solder covering the indentation to protect it. Took me a few emails to Oritech support to sort that one out!

    1. nice find, the 3mm is the only useful one for drag soldering, the 2mm and 1mm don’t have enough surface area to suck up exes solder from bridges, uless you are using 0.1mm solder wire, and 0.1mm pitch devices, which I don’t think exist yet :) the price is a bit on the expensive side

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